CBD and colour: Green vs Gold CBD

Ever wondered why CBII CBD oil is green and others are gold? Get the lowdown on CBD, colour and quality. 

CBD colour - green vs gold
Mental health awareness week

Mental Health Awareness

Kindness matters this Mental Health Awareness Week. Let's explore how can you get involved and be kind this week.

Just Landed! New CBII CBD Capsules

Our brand new range of CBD capsules with added vitamins and minerals are one of the simplest ways to take CBD every day. What's your favourite formula?

CBII CBD capsules with added vitamins
CBII CBD and Bod Australia: Exclusive Partnership


Did you know that our CBD extraction method is patented? Learn about our exclusive partnership with Bod Australia and sustainable CBD producer, Linnea SA. 

CBII's quarantine routine

10 days to a healthier and happier you.

CBII cbd oil blog quarantine routine
CBII CBD Oil Blog Book Club

The CBII Lockdown Book Club

The team at CBII and Health & Happiness Group share their favourite reads.

Break the WFH ache

5 simple stretches you can do in your lunch hour.

CBII cbd oil blog WFH stretches
CBII CBD infused recipes

The CBII Recipe Book

From power smoothies to homemade peanut butter, here are 5 tempting CBD-infused recipes.

10 Simple Ways To De-stress

Simple ways to de-stress and soothe your soul whilst fitting into your busy lifestyle

CBII cbd oil blog destress
Man sitting on bricks

With CBD, it's personal

Get to know CBD on your own terms, in your own way, right here.

Find your CBD-ology

From oils and creams to edibles and patches - find the CBD methodology that works for you.

Find Your CBD-ology
Sleep - clouds

Sleep beautiful

How to sleep your way to success, health and wellbeing.

Feeling canna-curious? 

The lowdown on CBD, THC and other types of cannabinoids.

Full Spectrum CBD

A-Z of CBD

From CBD isolate to full spectrum and broad spectrum - here's CBD made easy.


Complementary items from the balance range