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We want you to feel good every day. Join us as we share wellbeing secrets to help you optimise a feel good mind, a feel good sleep, a feel good life - the natural way. 

5 CBD Products That Make Great Gifts

CBII Starter kit on bedside table with candleCBII Starter kit on bedside table with candle

If you’re looking for a way to help your friends and family chill out, enhance their wellness routine, or recover after a long day, these CBD products are all great options.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Relaxation Time

CBII candle burning on a bath shelf with a bubble bath in the backgroundCBII candle burning on a bath shelf with a bubble bath in the background

Relaxation is important for your wellness, self-care, and work-life balance. Here are 4 ways to enhance your relaxation time and get the most out of your downtime. 

4 CBD Products for a chill fall

Woman holding CBII gummies in her handWoman holding CBII gummies in her hand

The ideal products to help you unwind this fall, whether you’re on the go or just enjoying the changing of the seasons in your backyard.

5 easy CBD products to add to your wellness routine

CBII CBD oils and capsulesCBII CBD oils and capsules

Have you decided you want to incorporate CBD into your wellness routine? Here are some of the products you might want to consider adding to your wellness routine.

The Best Times to Enjoy CBD Products From CBII: A guide

CBII CBD oils and capsulesCBII CBD oils and capsules

Whether you’re needing to recover from a brutal workout or taking a break for meditation, here are some fantastic times to try different forms of CBD from CBII.

4 ways to foster a better sleeping environment

CBII CBD oils and capsulesCBII CBD oils and capsules

Having a hard time falling asleep? There are a variety of ways that you can encourage better sleep. Here are a few tips worth a try.

Woman relaxing after work

3 ways to enjoy CBD while travelling

The 3 Best Ways to Enjoy CBD While Away From Home? Here are some of the products you should bring if you intend on enjoying CBD while travelling.

Which CBD Products Are Best for You?

Knowing which CBD products are available and which one might be right for you can help you enjoy the benefits of CBD wherever you are.

EASY CBD for a busy lifestyle

Whether you have a few moments of rest at home or are on the go, CBII offers CBD products that can fit into your busy life. 

Woman relaxing after work

Time to relax: 4 feel-good ways to wind down after work

Add these actions to your after-work routine to help make time for yourself and feel good after a long day. 

Endocannabinoid scale balancing the body

How does CBD work in the body? Exploring the ECS

How can CBD help with sleep, stress and many other vital bodily functions? 

CBII CBD capsules on breakfast table

4 ways to help supercharge your mornings

Some easy ways to wake up in the morning and help you prepare for a productive day ahead. 

CBII balm on legs

5 wellness routine additions to rejuvenate you

From meditating to stretching, we reveal 5 ways you can rejuvenate yourself inside and out. 

Bottle of CBII CBD oil on table with plants

Which CBD is right for you? Choosing for your lifestyle

Whether you live a busy or an active lifestyle, we've got the perfect CBD match for you. 

CBII CBD capsules on breakfast table

How to practise self-care with help from CBII

From sleep to fresh air, we share some simple ways to improve your self-care routine.

Man hiking in nature

What makes CBD skincare better than my usual products? 

What makes CBD skincare different? Talking inflammation and hydrating hemp seed oil for combatting stress from the inside out. 

6 go-to stress-soothers for sleep to skincare

From using CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties to soothe the skin to calming sleep oil for maximising a better night’s rest, these are our favourites.

Woman rubbing product into her skin

CBD for menopause - can it help ease anxiety & sleep?

From sleep to stress and skincare, we take a look at all the ways CBD may be able to help manage the symptoms of menopause. 

Man hiking in nature

It's Mental Health Awareness Week

How can you reconnect with nature to feel good this Mental Health Awareness Week? Discover our suggestions.

Woman lying in bed sleeping

5 ways to use our CBD candles 

Discover how our brand new candle range can calm, elevate and unwind the senses, and support your daily self-care habits.

Woman rubbing product into her skin

Why include Hemp Seed Oil in your Diet?

Can hemp seed oil support your holistic health and wellbeing? Discover the nutritional benefits of these powerful seeds.

Woman's eyes focusing

Focus and Premium CBD: Can Cannabidiol Help Concentration?

Can CBD help sharpen the mind and improve concentration?

Woman lying in bed sleeping

Premium CBD and ZZZs: Our Guide to Achieving Deep Sleep

Can CBD help us achieve a deeper sleep? Read our guide. 

Woman rubbing product into her skin

Skincare 101: Is Hemp Seed oil good for the skin?

We take a look at the potential benefits hemp seed oil may have for the skin.

Three beautiful women with glowing skin, nails and hair

Nutrition, Skin, and Hair: Hemp Seed Oil’s Triple Threat Potential

Can hemp seed oil be the secret to improved nutrition, skin, and hair?

Woman waking up in bed and stretching

How to master your morning routine with hemp seed oil

How can hemp seed oil capsules help us improve our morning routines?

Woman taking capsules with a glass of water

Hemp seed capsules vs oils - what's the better fit for you?

The differences between hemp seed products, explained.

Hemp seed oil in a pipette

What Is Hemp Seed Oil? An Introduction To Holistic Health

It's used for fabrics to cosmetics, but can it support our holistic health and wellbeing?

Woman holding hemp plant in her hand

Hemp and Happiness: Our Guide To Improved Mental Health

Does hemp have the potential to bring inner peace and happiness into our lives?

Woman getting a head massage

From Massages to Diet: Premium CBD and Wellbeing

Discover how you can incorporate premium CBD into your lifestyle to compliment your wellbeing.

CBD colour - green vs gold

CBII, voted 'Best Sleep Product' for 2021

We're thrilled to announce our CBD oils have won the 'Best Sleep Product' category in the Hip & Healthy Wellness Awards for 2021

Couple looking out window in UK

What is Full Spectrum CBD & Can it Benefit Me?

What exactly is full spectrum CBD and what does it mean for me? Talking CBD oil and quality, plus the benefits of the full plant. 

CBD colour - green vs gold

CBII, voted 'Best Sleep Oil' for 2020

Did you know that our feel good oils won the 'Best Sleep Oil' category in the Hip & Healthy Sleep Awards for 2020?

CBD colour - green vs gold

Practicing Mindfulness: CBD and quietening the mind

What can you do to quieten the mental chatter in the midst of a busy, stressful lifestyle - and can CBD help us manage it?

Couple looking out window in UK

Let's talk beauty: Is hemp the secret to happy hair?

There is increasing support for the role hemp seed oil plays in a range of hair care and scalp issues. Discover the benefits...

CBD colour - green vs gold

The health benefits of sleeping naked: Is it healthier?

From lowering your body temperature to boosting your self-esteem, discover the potential health benefits of sleeping naked.

Woman standing with a view in the sunlight

Can CBD help soothe an anxious mind? Advice from Dr Julie Moltke

Discover the right dosage for you and learn how CBD can affect our mood, with advice from Dr Julie Moltke

Hemp seeds on wooden spoon

From nails to hair health. Top 5 ways to use hemp seed oil 

We're diving into the top 5 ways to use hemp seed oil, from heart health to skincare and supporting daily health and wellbeing. 

Woman holding her heart

From heart to head: possible benefits of hemp seed oil

From skin to heart health, we explore some of the possible benefits hemp seed oil may provide to our daily lives.

CBD colour - green vs gold

The skin you're in: topical applications of hemp seed oil

We explore the possible benefits associated with this natural hemp seed oil, and how to use it topically for the skin.

Couple looking out window in UK

Wellness Q&A with Simone Powderly: Practicing Self Love

We interviewed wellness and mental health advocate Simone Powderly for her top tips for practicing self-love every day. 

CBD colour - green vs gold

Can’t Sleep? 10 tips from a nutritionist for a better night's rest

Melatonin-rich foods to award-winning sleep aids, discover the best ways to clear the mind for better sleep with tips from a nutritionist.

CBD colour - green vs gold

 A match made in heaven: vitamin C, B and hemp seed oil

Can vitamin C and B help hemp seed oil rise to new heights? 

CBD colour - green vs gold

Premium CBD oil vs capsules - what's best for me? 

Let's explore main the differences between CBD oil vs CBD in capsule form.

CBD colour - green vs gold

Vitamins and premium CBD: what does the science say?

The difference between premium CBD and vitamins - which is superior?

CBD colour - green vs gold

Your ultimate guide to hemp seed oil capsules 

Why is hemp seed oil as a food supplement in capsule form so popular?

CBD colour - green vs gold

Our conclusive guide to CBD bioavailability

What is it and what does it mean for me? Understanding the science of CBD bioavailability.

CBD colour - green vs gold

Everything you need to know about hemp seed oil

Exploring hemp seed oil, a versatile and rich nutritional supplement.

CBD colour - green vs gold

Hemp seed vs CBD oil - why the differences matter

Let's dive into what we know about hemp seed and CBD oil - the differences and uses.

CBD colour - green vs gold

Healthy, holistic, herbal. What is premium CBD oil?

We explore the ways premium CBD oil may enhance your morning routine and evening rituals.

CBD colour - green vs gold

The ABCs of our ECS - Understanding the endocannabinoid system

What exactly is the ECS and why does it matter?

CBD colour - green vs gold

The Beginner's Guide to CBD

Curious about starting your CBD journey? Our simple guide helps beginners find the right CBD product and use it safely & effectively.

Couple looking out window in UK

Celebrating Valentine's Day in lockdown

Wondering how to celebrate Valentine's Day at home this year? We've got some unusual gift and date ideas to keep you feeling good. 

CBD colour - green vs gold

5 house plants to aid sleep & relaxation naturally

Five plants to keep in the bedroom and around the home to naturally soothe the mind and body for a stress-free night’s sleep.

CBD colour - green vs gold

How to max your muscle recovery with Ginger

Discover how Ginger can support muscle recovery, skin health and digestion, and why we've included Ginger Extract in our new, skin-nourishing CBD Balm.

CBD colour - green vs gold

Is Coriander Oil the new age-defying ingredient?

Discover how Coriander can support your skin and digestion, and why we've included Coriander Oil in our CBD Capsules, made for natural stress relief.

CBD colour - green vs gold

All eyes on Vitamin E - can it improve our vision?

Discover how Vitamin E, an essential vitamin in our new Hemp Seed Glow Capsules, crucially supports our eye health.

CBD colour - green vs gold

Boost your skin with Gotu kola - the herb of longevity 

Can Gotu kola improve your circulation, combat skin conditions and even tackle insomnia? Read on to discover why it's known as the 'herb of longevity'.

CBD colour - green vs gold

Help your body adapt to stress with fatigue-fighting rhodiola

Is rhodiola good for stress, anxiety and sleep? Keep reading to discover the benefits of this stress-managing adaptogen. 

CBD colour - green vs gold

Relieve stress naturally with lavender & eucalyptus

Lavender & eucalyptus, key ingredients in our new CBD balm, have proven benefits for a deeper sleep and much more.

5 tips for creating a relaxing home zen - Q&A with Kai from My Lady Garden

To celebrate our new CBD balm, we teamed up with My Lady Garden for her top tips for using lavender & eucalyptus to aid sleep and relaxation at home. 

CBD colour - green vs gold

How do I stay healthy this winter? The proven benefits of a daily vitamin D supplement

Want to stay healthy this winter season? Here's why you absolutely need to be supplementing your vitamin D intake. 

Why should I take CBD oil? Explaining how it makes you feel, the health benefits &more

We explore the most important benefits of taking CBD and how it might make you feel to help you decide if it’s for you or not.

CBD colour - green vs gold

CBD oil vs CBD capsules - what’s the difference and which product is best?

We've outlined the main differences between CBD oils and capsules so you can find the format that works best for you. 

CBD colour - green vs gold

How do I make sure I’m getting the best quality CBD? A shopper's guide

It's important to do your research so you know what to look out for and what you can trust. Follow these simple rules for choosing a high-quality CBD product.

CBD dosage: what you need to know / how much to take and when to take it / strengths

CBD is simple but it’s personal, not prescriptive. Our bodies are different and how we respond to CBD is too. Here's how to find your perfect dose. 

CBD colour - green vs gold

The miracle immune-boosting benefits of vitamin C

From heart health to skincare and everything in between, we take a look at the miracle benefits of immune-boosting vitamin C. 

The amazing benefits of zinc in our Nourish & Immune capsules

We reveal the secrets of essential nutrient zinc and its incredible benefits for the skin and the immune system. 

CBD colour - green vs gold

Combat tiredness with Vitamin B3 in our CBD & Hemp Seed Capsules

From boosting energy to supporting the skin and nervous system, here are five reasons why you should take vitamin B3 daily. 

CBD colour - green vs gold

What’s the difference between CBD oil and hemp seed oil? A beginner’s guide

You may have heard the terms ‘hemp extract’, ‘hemp seed oil’ and ‘CBD’ used interchangeably. But are they the same, and if not, what is it that makes them different? 

CBD colour - green vs gold

The benefits of hemp seed oil in our brand new CBD-free hemp seed capsules 

We’ve included Hemp Seed Oil in our brand new Daily Glow, Daily Vitality and Daily Wellness supplements. Let's discover the benefits of this Omega-rich ingredient.

The benefits of milk thistle - and why we've used it in our Nourish Capsules

Known to have antioxidant, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, here's how herbal remedy milk thistle can optimise your health and wellness naturally.

CBD colour - green vs gold

The benefits of MCT oil in our feel good CBD oils - revealed

MCT oil helps improve the stability of CBD products, as well as deliver CBD in a convenient format. Discover it's benefits to your daily energy. 

Using CBD for muscle recovery - Does it actually work?

Favoured by fitness enthusiasts from calming yogis to fully-fledged athletes, we delve deeper into the benefits of CBD for muscle recovery.

CBD colour - green vs gold

The benefits of passionflower in our Balance capsules 

From supporting sleep to anxiety, we take a look at the many benefits of passionflower, a key ingredient in our Balance capsules. 

The powerful benefits of ginseng in our Immune capsules - revealed

Used in Chinese medicine for energy and strength, we take a look at the powerful health benefits of ginseng.

CBD colour - green vs gold

The benefits of turmeric and black pepper oil in our Move capsules - revealed

From joint pain to digestion and more, find out all the reasons to love this popular member of the ginger family. 

CBD colour - green vs gold

The benefits of juniper berry oil in our Nourish capsules - revealed

We're revealing the secrets of revitalising ingredient juniper berry oil and why we've included it in our CBII Nourish Capsules. 

Ingredients as nature intended

Ingredients: the secrets to the CBII CBD formula revealed

Join us as we reveal the secrets to our premium CBD ingredients right here every Wednesday. 

Is CBD oil safe? Explaining safety, side effects & more

Can CBD get you high or addicted? Let's talk all things CBD and safety. 

What exactly is CBD and it's benefits? The Ultimate Guide

All your burning questions around CBD - answered by our experts.

CBD colour - green vs gold

Which of our 5 CBD capsules should you choose?

Whether you're looking for pure CBD or the benefit of added nutrients, we have a capsule to suit you. 

CBD colour - green vs gold

Exploring CBD and colour. Why is our CBD oil green? 

Why is our CBD oil green? Get the lowdown on CBD, colour and quality. 

CBD colour - green vs gold

What is forest bathing? Exploring the benefits of nature therapy

Relaxing the natural way. Here's how you can reap the benefits.

Free downloadable 7-day CBD diary

National CBD Day: What is it and how is it celebrated?

What is it, when did it start and some excellent offers to celebrate!

Free downloadable 7-day CBD diary

Your 7-day CBD diary: In pursuit of the perfect dosage

Download our free 7-day CBD diary to monitor your progress in pursuit of the perfect dosage.

Recyclable and sustainable products

Unearthing the past, present and future of CBD - by the experts

We spoke to six CBD and cannabis experts to unearth the past, present and future of CBD.

Recyclable and sustainable products

Recyclable & sustainable CBD: putting people and planet first

All the ways our products are as good for the environment as they are for you. 

CBD colour - green vs gold

Expert tips for practicing good self-care habits in lockdown and beyond

Q&A with a medical doctor, holistic health coach and a fitness pro.

Mental health awareness week

Mental health awareness: How to spread kindness this week and beyond

Exploring how we can be supportive during Mental Health Awareness Week and beyond.

CBII CBD and Bod Australia: Exclusive Partnership

Our partnership with Bod & Swiss CBD Producer, Linnea SA

Learn about trademarked extraction and exclusive partnerships. 

CBII CBD capsules with added vitamins

Premium CBD capsules with added vitamins to optimise wellness

One of the simplest ways to take CBD. What's your favourite formula?

CBII CBD infused recipes

The CBII Recipe Book: Our Top 5 CBD-infused recipes

From power smoothies to homemade peanut butter, here are 5 tempting CBD-infused recipes.

CBII CBD Oil Blog Book Club

The CBII book club: best books to read during lockdown - and why

Our team share their favourite reads.

CBII cbd oil blog WFH stretches

Break the WFH ache: 5 exercises you can do in your lunch break

Join the journey to a healthier you.

CBII cbd oil blog quarantine routine

Quarantine routine: 10 days to a healthier, happier you

From books to music and meditation.

CBII cbd oil blog destress

10 ways to de-stress

Simple ways to de-stress and soothe your soul whilst fitting into your busy lifestyle.

Man sitting on bricks

With CBD, it's personal

The lowdown on CBD, THC and other types of cannabinoids.

Find Your CBD-ology

Find your CBD-ology

From oils and creams to edibles and patches - find the CBD methodology that works for you.

Sleep - clouds

Sleep beautiful

How to sleep your way to success, health and wellbeing.


Feeling canna-curious? 

The lowdown on CBD, THC and other types of cannabinoids.

Full Spectrum CBD

A-Z of CBD

From CBD isolate to full spectrum and broad spectrum - here's CBD made easy.


Complementary items from the balance range