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How to max your recovery with Ginger

Green coriander oil leaves Green coriander oil leaves

This week, we’re talking all things Ginger!

We’ve included Ginger Extract in our brand new CBD Balm, a muscle-soothing, skin-nourishing recovery balm designed to hydrate skin and relieve tension.

Let's dive in and explore what Ginger can do for your health and wellness...

Does Ginger impact muscle recovery?

Coriander seeds and leaves ingredients scattered on tableCoriander seeds and leaves ingredients scattered on table

Ginger doesn't simply remove muscle pain, but it may help combat soreness over time, thus aiding muscle recovery.

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, i.e the capacity to reduce swelling and pain. Subsequently, Ginger is often mentioned as providing potential relief for Osteoarthritis – which carries symptoms of joint pain and stiffness.

Can Ginger help my skin?

Ginger contains high levels of gingerol, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Antioxidants in Ginger may help prevent cellular damage that can accelerate skin aging.

Can Ginger aid nausea?

Woman sitting and enjoying self-care after showerWoman sitting and enjoying self-care after shower

Ginger appears to be highly effective in treatment of nausea, according to some studies.

It is often touted to aid morning sickness.

Initial research has shown that ginger extract may increase digestive responsiveness, which may in turn reduce nausea. [1]

With its anti-inflammatory properties, Ginger may improve digestion and support the release of blood-pressure-regulating hormones. These hormones may help calm your body and minimise nausea. [2]

Ginger Extract and CBD

Discover the benefits of Ginger Extract in our stress-busting CBD Balm – with calming scents of Lavender & Eucalyptus.

Table showing the ingredients of CBII Balance CBD capsules Table showing the ingredients of CBII Balance CBD capsules

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