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The benefits of rhodiola


Help your body adapt to stress with fatigue-fighting rhodiola 

This week, we’re talking all things Rhodiola!

We’ve included this important ingredient in our Daily Vitality Hemp Seed Capsules, designed to help boost your energy levels and support adrenal health to tackle the stressful day to day demands of life. 

So, what exactly does rhodiola do to the body and why should we be taking this natural supplement every day? Let's explore. 

What is rhodiola?

Rhodiola, also known as Rhodiola rosea (R. rosea), is a natural herb plant that grows in the cold, mountainous regions of Europe and Asia. It is sometimes known as arctic root or golden root.

How does Rhodiola help with stress and anxiety?

The roots of Rhodiola are considered adaptogens which means they can help your body adapt to stress when consumed. Preliminary research indicates that it may be able to assist with alleviating mental fatigue and is great as an anti-stress tool, although further studies are required.  

With a long history of being included in ancient medicine, Russian and Scandinavian populations have used Rhodiola to treat anxiety, fatigue and depression for centuries. 

“If you’re a high wired person, high frequency, or anxiety type person then try things like herbs and adaptogens such as Rhodiola that calm the nervous system.”- Charlotte Dormon, Holistic Health Coach

Can rhodiola reduce fatigue?

We all know that stress, anxiety and lack of sleep are just a few factors that can contribute to fatigue. Due to its adaptogenic properties, Rhodiola is thought to help combat tiredness and fatigue.

Consuming adaptogens during stressful times is thought to be able to help you handle stressful situations better. This important root has also been linked to the improvement of burnout symptoms.

Does rhodiola make you sleepy?

As Rhodiola can help balance vital chemicals in the brain such as melatonin (responsible for helping you sleep), cortisol for managing stress and serotonin that gives you energy and makes you feel good, it may be able to help you feel more relaxed which could then make sleep come easier.  

What does rhodiola do to the body?

Apart from its fantastic benefits for supporting adrenal stress, it is thought that Rhodiola extracts might also be able to:

  • Help protect cells from damage
  • Regulate heartbeat
  • Have potential for improving learning and memory

More scientific research is required to proven the additional benefits to the body. 

Should I take rhodiola in the morning or night?

You can reward your body with the benefits of rhodiola at any time of day. 

Discover the benefits of Rhodiola for yourself in our new Daily Vitality Hemp Seed Capsules with hemp seed oil and vitamin B and D, designed combat tiredness and support adrenal health. We recommend taking two capsules daily with food and a glass of water. 

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