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When should I take CBD? The effects of taking CBD during the day vs night

One of the most common questions around CBD is when is the best time to take it. This depends on a variety of factors, such as what you are taking CBD for, your lifestyle and even your personal preference. We'll explore the benefits of taking CBD during the day vs at night and also the best time to start taking CBD for the first time. 

When should I take CBD?

When you take your CBD depends on what you're looking to achieve. CBD works with your body's endocannabinoid system to regulate the body's vital functions, such as sleep, stress, anxiety and pain. So, the time you take CBD can be important if you want to experience specific benefits. 

Let's explore the benefits of taking CBD at different times of the day:

Taking CBD at night

Taking CBD one to two hours before bed has been shown to help with getting a better night's rest. This is because CBD works alongside your body's endocannabinoid system as it starts naturally winding the body down for sleep.

It's important to note that CBD is not a sedative. Rather, it helps to quieten and settle the mind, making it easier to drift off to sleep and stay asleep. If you struggle with pain in the evenings that can disrupt your sleep, taking your CBD before bed is another contributory factor to getting undisturbed sleep. 

One of the reasons CBD is so popular is because it offers a natural and long-term sleep solution, especially when compared to prescription medication which can only be taken to treat symptoms in the short term and may also come with adverse side effects.  

Taking CBD during the day

Think of CBD like coffee. Many people take it to help them soothe stress and feel more focused and alert. Taking CBD during the day can have the same effects. When your body is awake and focusing on what it needs to do during the day, CBD can help to boost the natural systems to help you feel calm and perform at your best. 

As CBD is not a sedative, it will not make you tired or sleepy during the day. Rather, it works with your body's natural processes, whether this is working to help you deal with stress or anxiety or focus on a task at work. 

If bodily aches and pains are stopping you from being able to perform at your best, then taking CBD during the day is another way to even this out and find relief. 

Taking CBD regularly

Consistency is the most important part thing to remember about CBD and how effective it can be. How often you take it is as important as when you take it and how much you take. Studies show that taking CBD regularly helps you feel the best benefits. We recommend that you take CBD twice a day every day for best results. 

How and when do I start taking CBD?

Many people have reported feeling uncertain about when to start taking CBD because they are concerned about how it may make them feel, or whether it could disrupt their sleep or their performance at work. 

The short answer? There's no wrong or right time to start taking CBD. You can take it in the morning without worrying that it'll make you drowsy, or in the afternoon or evening without worrying about a sleepless night. 

If you're taking CBD for the first time and are concerned about how it may make you feel, then take CBD in the evening, about an hour or two before bed. Start low, go slow with the minimum suggested intake and increase as you feel you need to. 

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