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CBII Partners with CBD Expert, Dr. Dilara Bahceci 

From BOD Australia, to educate the UK on the fast-growing world of CBD

This month CBII will build on its innovative and expert-led partnership with leaders in the medicinal cannabis space, Bod Australia, by joining forces with Dr. Dilara Bahceci, BSc (Neuroscience), PhD. 67% of potential CBD users are still unclear about what CBD is and its potential impacts*.

Research shows that most UK consumers are new to CBD, and this partnership plans to provide education for the UK market, showcasing the proven benefits of CBD, the natural beneficial abilities of the plant and the future of CBD.

Dilara’s PhD level education and profession makes her a trusted source with a wealth of knowledge on CBD to help consumers understand what CBD is within the wellness and skincare space, how it works and why it’s a fast-growing category for wellness. CBII want to help people feel more informed about this powerhouse ingredient and how it may help enrich their daily lives.

Who are Bod Australia?

Leading wellness brand CBII have been working in partnership with Bod Australia and their Swiss CBD producer to create their gold standard extract of CBD since their launch in December 2019.

CBII are committed to providing the highest quality CBD through their scientific rigour, research and exclusively selected partners. As leaders in the medicinal cannabis space,

Bod are able to share their expertise with CBII to bring safe and innovative CBD products to the UK consumer market. Bod Australia is committed to producing innovative healthcare solutions supported by science to transform the way we live and enjoy life through the delivery of premium and trusted global CBD products.

There are many exceptional qualities about Bod, including their commitment to innovative ongoing research and development and quality standards, that makes them best in class.

Dilara explains

"With an eye constantly scanning the social media platforms, I could see there was a lot of misinformation being shared broadly and confidently. I’m here because I want to create a space where cannabis users, particularly those new to it, could ask their questions and be confident that they’ll be receiving evidence-backed answers."

Dr. Dilara Bahceci Bio:

Dilara is a pharmacologist and neuroscientist. She received a PhD in pharmacology from the University of Sydney for preclinical research into the aetiological role and pharmaceutical potential of the endocannabinoid system in the holistic treatment of childhood epilepsies.

She has extensive expertise in the endocannabinoid system and pharmacology of medicinal cannabis (spanning from individual cannabinoids to full-spectrum extracts). Dilara now works as a science communicator and clinical research associate for Bod, a cannabis-centric healthcare company, and the University of Sydney’s Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics. She is passionate about making science accessible to everybody to help empower all minds.

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