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Can CBD help soothe an anxious mind? Advice from Dr Julie Moltke

Anxiety is one of the most commonly cited reasons for taking CBD.

Preliminary research, as well as overwhelming anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD’s soothing properties can help us manage stressful feelings and sleep.

Speaking to experts in the field, we discuss how we can take control of our body’s neurochemistry to live happier, healthier lives.

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How does CBD impact our mood?

Let’s take a look at how CBD interacts with our system.

Dr Julie Moltke is a medical doctor from Sweden who works in the cannabis industry. She explains the relationship between CBD and our bodies:

"The way that CBD works in the brain is by interacting with our endocannabinoid system which is an incredible system that controls just about every function in the body. It keeps the homeostasis - the balance in the body.

"CBD also works with the serotonin system that controls our mood. This isn't working properly when you feel depressed, out of balance or when you have anxiety, so CBD is incredible because it can help even out these two systems."

In a recent survey, Julie found that over 40% of people she worked with used CBD for stress or anxiety.

A notable 2015 study also concluded that CBD has considerable potential as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders, but there is need for further study of chronic and therapeutic effects in relevant clinical populations to determine this.

What CBD dosage is best? 

CBD dosage and intake is a personal journey - everyone's body is unique and will react differently. 

However, Dr Julie Moltke offers some broad advice for those unsure where to begin:

How much CBD is recommended?

"Finding the right dose is a process of trial and error, but a normal dose for people suffering with mental health issues is between 25 to 50mg. The FSA recommends not taking more than 70mg than a day.

"Of course it depends on the way you use CBD, whether it's oils, capsules or a topical, but I generally find this dose spread out over the day (or in one dose if you’re using it for sleep) is effective."

Is there any risk of addiction to CBD?

"There is no scientific evidence to suggest that you build up a tolerance. With CBD it's quite common to use the same dose regularly. It doesn’t make you dependent. There's really no risk of addiction to CBD."

Which CBD Oil is best? 

Aside from potential medical benefits, we find special power in how CBII full-spectrum CBD oil may promote our health, happiness, and inner wellbeing.

Many users find our full-spectrum oil a powerful natural and botanical supplement, with the potential to combat stress, anxiety, pain, lack of concentration, and sleep loss - the evidence is anecdotal and more research is required to determine how this works and why.

Hear from our customers

"This is such a life saver, there are so many nights when I struggle to sleep due to a very busy mind and anxiety. CBII CBD oil is so calming - it settles me down quickly so I can get off to sleep. I have purchased many bottles of the 500mg strength and will no doubt continue to do so."

– Sarah, Trustpilot

By adding balance back into our inner wellbeing, we believe you can help to soothe and add a relaxing calmness to your day.

By helping to manage the always-on mental chatter, a common reason for anxious minds, it's possible that it may help you to achieve restful and revitalising sleep, ensuring you can be the best version of yourself, naturally.

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