From Massages to Diet: Premium CBD and Wellbeing

Woman getting a head massageWoman getting a head massage

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is a natural compound that occurs in the cannabis Sativa plant (of the hemp variety) and has become a staple product in the cupboards of health and wellbeing enthusiasts in recent years, with rising popularity stemming from anecdotal evidence reporting a host of benefits rooted in nature. Whilst research into the full potential of CBD remains under investigation; its properties are currently believed to have the potential to impact cellular function to possibly deliver antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Supporters of the naturally-occurring substance also praise CBD for its purported ability to induce feelings of relaxation and overall wellbeing in its users. The real beauty of this natural botanical supplement is its versatility. From supplements to add nutrients to our diet, to relaxing and calming oils, CBD has become a holistic answer to impacting our overall wellbeing.  

The speed at which CBD’s popularity has grown over the last few years has seen CBD becoming available in a variety of forms to allow users to supplement their lifestyles effortlessly. Standard CBD products include CBD oil, CBD capsules, CBD gummies, and topicals. Although all forms of CBD are believed to possess the same potential benefits, depending on the measure of potency, the effects may differ widely. To make the most out of your consumption, we recommend premium CBD to compliment your wellbeing.

What is full spectrum CBD?

CBD is a wellness supplement that may help you lay the foundations of holistic health when incorporated into your daily routine. Although current scientific research into the efficacy and long-term impact of CBD remains in its infancy, so far there is overwhelming positive anecdotal evidence for its use as a complementary supplement in the pursuit of health and wellbeing. 

There are many ways in which premium CBD may help enrich your overall wellbeing. Anecdotal evidence so far collected suggests the potential for effectiveness in helping to: 

It is essential to consider that research into the efficacy of these mostly anecdotally acquired claims is ongoing, and CBD should not be used to treat medical issues. Always talk to your healthcare provider before seeking to use CBD to help supplement any health concerns or symptoms you may have.

Is CBD Legal?

Since its legalisation in many areas of the world, CBD has gained widespread acceptance and support in the health and wellness industry. However, despite becoming commonplace in health food stores, a lack of CBD knowledge can often lead to it remaining to be seen as somewhat of a grey area. 

Due to being a hemp-derived product, CBD is often subject to misconceptions surrounding the safety of its use. However, the legalisation of CBD comes with strict laws regarding its extraction to ensure trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are present. THC is the main active compound in marijuana that causes users to experience a “high” sensation.

The hemp plant consists of over 100 different cannabinoids, including THC, which can be selectively extracted for use. To be legally bought and sold in the UK and most of Europe, CBD is required to be extracted from approved strains of the hemp plant that contain less than 0.2% THC to produce CBD products with THC levels below 1 mg. This results in CBD products which are non-intoxicating, with no evidence that it could lead to dependency or substance abuse, and are therefore deemed safe for consumption under its classification as a food supplement.

Why Should You Choose Premium CBD?

The world of CBD can be vast and complicated. The sheer rise in the variety of CBD products has led to product quality issues throughout the marketplace over recent years. Although laws stipulate the THC content of CBD products, the market remains largely unregulated. This has allowed brands and manufacturers to capitalise on consumer demand for this powerful botanical supplement by producing low-quality products. Some marketing literature for such low-quality products often spouts misleading health claims, whilst others simply inaccurately report their CBD contents - sometimes with dangerous effect. 

Here at CBII, we put consumer health and safety first - ensuring our consumer interest is at the heart of what we do. This is why we only produce the highest-quality, premium CBD nature has to offer, achieved through following our stringent quality guidelines in partnership with industry experts, Linnea SA.

To continue leading at the forefront of premium CBD, we also dedicate ourselves to continuous research alongside Bod Australia, a cannabis-focused healthcare company, to ensure we provide our consumers with premium CBD produced with unmatched pharmaceutical experience for the safest and highest efficacy possible for optimal consumption. 

We protect and maintain the hemp plant’s comprehensive cannabinoid profile through gentle and pure extraction methods to produce our premium full-spectrum CBD oil, just as nature intended for optimal consumption. Full-spectrum CBD refers to CBD that contains all the natural phytocompounds, including cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and minimal amounts of THC (with no intoxicating effect on the user). Through pure and gentle extraction, these compounds taken from the hemp plant are able to be retained in their natural state to be consumed as intended, producing premium full-spectrum CBD which harnesses the botanical power of the hemp plant.  

The inclusion of the hemp plant’s natural compounds is known to potentially produce the entourage effect, where all compounds work in synergy to give rise to effects greater than when used in isolation. For this reason, full-spectrum CBD is often considered to produce superior effects to potentially boost the endocannabinoid system over other forms of CBD, such as broad-spectrum and CBD isolate. CBD isolate in particular loses many of the beneficial natural compounds found in the hemp plant during the manufacturing process to produce the purest form of CBD, at 99.9% purity.

Due to the lack of cannabinoid profile, CBD isolate is often considered less desirable than broad or full-spectrum CBD oil. Full-spectrum CBD,  remains the only form of CBD that allows users to fully potentially benefit from the entourage effect, containing all the hemp plant compounds just as nature intended, without having an intoxicating effect. 

The Bioavailability of CBD

As well as being the safer option, consuming premium CBD also provides more excellent value than low-quality, cheaply manufactured CBD products. The reason for this is low-quality CBD is believed to produce significantly lower bioavailability levels. 

The term bioavailability conveys the quantity and rate at which a substance is absorbed into the user’s bloodstream where active effects can occur. When CBD products have low bioavailability, it results in a lack of impact felt by the user and often leads to the need for increased dosages. For this reason, low-quality CBD products, which are often considered to have low bioavailability, are not only seen as being wasteful and costly to consumers in the long run, but also harms the perception of the efficacy of CBD products as a whole.  

The known correlation between the quality of CBD and bioavailability makes this a key differentiator between low-quality and premium CBD. For greater CBD potency, a critical success factor will, therefore, lie in choosing premium CBD products. Those who select premium full-spectrum CBD oil will have a greater chance of benefiting from the oil’s potential therapeutic properties. Due to premium CBD’s potency, they will also require a smaller dose to experience such potential benefits, making this far more effective form of consumption. 

Serious Concerns Caused by Low-Quality CBD

Alongside poor bioavailability, more serious concerns regarding the use of low-quality CBD include the mislabelling of CBD and THC content, and the risk of contamination with other unwanted chemical compounds. 

Due to a lack of regulation in the industry, low-quality and poorly manufactured CBD products are often subject to mislabelling. Whether intentional or not, this poses a serious risk to consumers of such products who become exposed to unreported content. Unreliability amongst these products not only cause discrepancies in the potency of CBD, but investigations have discovered many products available on the consumer market have also been found to contain unreported chemical compounds, including larger-than-reported concentrations of THC, as well as the presence of pesticides and heavy metal content. 

When looking to find a CBD product, it is always recommended to be informed of the CBD, THC, and terpene profile and consider which form of CBD would best suit your needs. For this reason, we recommend only purchasing products that come with a Certificate of Analysis (COA).

Always Check the Certificate of Analysis

Although CBD provides consumers with a powerful supplement sourced in nature, the lack of regulation in the industry does land consumers with the critical responsibility to source their CBD from trusted businesses.

To avoid low-quality CBD and inaccurately-reported CBD contents, we recommend always choosing products that possess a third-party tested Certificate of Analysis (COA). These ensure that the product label accurately states the cannabinoid profile and potency, as well as reporting any heavy metals, pesticides, residual chemicals, or solvents. If a product doesn’t provide a COA, it raises considerable concern for its quality. 

At CBII, we ensure all our products come with a COA, providing a comprehensive breakdown of compounds featured in our products. This allows us to produce premium CBD products which are transparent, traceable, and truthful to help support you and your holistic health, one drop at a time.

Ways of Consuming CBD

Whatever your reason for consuming premium CBD, there is a form of delivery that will best suit your needs and can seamlessly fit into your everyday routine to help impact your feelings of wellbeing, naturally. Whether you consume CBD oil in the morning to wake up revitalised for the day ahead, or at night to relax you in preparation for restful sleep, we believe premium CBD may complement your daily goals to achieve a healthy, holistic lifestyle. 

The main ways of consuming premium CBD as part of your wellbeing journey are:

Sublingual CBD

Sublingual administration of CBD oil retains some of the highest bioavailability rates, making this method one of the most efficient ways of consuming CBD. To consume CBD sublingually, place a few drops of premium full-spectrum CBD oil (depending on the potency of your CBD oil and desired dosage) under your tongue for between 30 to 60 seconds. This allows CBD to absorb through the mouth’s mucosal lining to enter the bloodstream where potential active effects can occur. 

Oral CBD

The choice of oral CBD products available, from convenient CBD capsules to tasty edibles such as CBD gummies, have also proved extremely popular as one of the easiest ways to consume your daily dose of CBD. Due to CBD being fat-soluble, this natural food supplement retains a higher potency when digested with a high-fat snack or meal.

Vaping CBD

Vaping is another effective way of consuming CBD, and is believed to possess some of the highest bioavailability levels of all delivery methods. Vaping allows the CBD dose to be inhaled, and is thought to cause CBD to undergo a process called decarboxylation, where CBD is converted into airborne droplets. These droplets are then available to be inhaled into the lungs, where they are absorbed through a thin mucus membrane directly into the bloodstream.

Topical CBD

The last of the most popular ways of consuming CBD is topical administration, which refers to CBD, which is applied directly to the skin. Topical CBD products often include CBD infused creams, balms, and lotions, but can also be applied as a natural, organic oil in the same way you may use coconut or argan oil. As our skin acts as a barrier to external compounds, users should apply topical administration of CBD liberally.  

CBD that is applied topically cannot reach the bloodstream, and therefore is ideal for those who wish to target isolated areas of their skin or deliver relief to muscle and joint pain.  Working on a cellular level, topical CBD is known to have potential anti-inflammatory properties, which (when combined with terpenes found in full-spectrum CBD) may help to soothe symptoms of inflamed and irritated skin, sore muscles, and arthritic joints. To optimise your topical administration of CBD, why not incorporate it into your wellness routine through the use of massage to truly connect the mind, body, and soul?

CBD as a Massage Oil

CBD can be incorporated to enrich our lifestyle in many ways, including its use as a massage oil. Massage can be not only a way to de-stress and indulge in a pampering session, but it’s also a powerful way to cater to your holistic health and wellbeing. Whether you visit a massage therapist or engage in a massage at home (either with a partner or self-massage), there are ways to benefit from massage that can fit into your lifestyle to best suit your needs. 

For those looking for natural ways to unwind in the evening, using CBD as a massage oil before bed is a fantastic way of creating a calming atmosphere. As mentioned, full-spectrum CBD contains natural terpenes, including linalool, a natural aroma found in both lavender and the hemp plant, and is known for potentially producing feelings of relaxation. Therefore, CBD oil’s purported beneficial properties make it the ideal choice for a calming and soothing massage to melt away your stresses of the day.

Depending on your needs, there are many forms of massage, from light, gentle movements to deep, forceful pressure. To decipher which may be most suitable for your needs, here are the four most common forms of massage: 

  • Swedish massage - A gentle massage to help you feel relaxed and revitalised. Swedish massage uses kneading movements, long strokes, vibration, tapping, and deep, circular motions.
  • Sports massage - Using many of the same Swedish massage techniques, a sports massage adapts to sportspeople’s needs to prevent and treat sports-related injuries.
  • Deep massage - Targeting deep layers of muscle and connective tissue using slower strokes, applying more pressure. Deep massage is commonly used to help recover from injuries and muscle damage.
  • Trigger point massage - Focusing on loosening tight muscle fibres, trigger point massages are often used to help affect injured or overused muscles.

The Benefits of a Massage

Having a massage is often seen as a great way to achieve deep relaxation and reduce stress. Although it is often considered a form of indulgence, there is actually some serious science supporting receiving regular massages. Firstly, massages have been found to cause a release of endorphins that give the receiver feelings of happiness and wellbeing.

Furthermore, massages are also thought to reduce stress hormones, including cortisol. This is particularly important, as, when stress levels are high, it can hinder the body’s immune system, making massages a potentially powerful way to support our holistic health.  

CBD’s purported ability to reduce feelings and symptoms of pain may make CBD an ideal oil for topical use, including as a massage oil. Applying CBD oil directly to the skin is anecdotally reported to help relax the muscles, relieving you of tension and stress. 

Some of the main benefits of massage can include:


  • Reducing muscle tension and soreness
  • Reducing stress hormone levels and increased relaxation
  • Reducing anxiety and depression and increased feelings of wellbeing 
  • Stimulating the body’s lymphatic system
  • Lowering blood pressure and heart rate
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Boosting energy and mental alertness
  • Improving joint mobility and flexibility
  • Helping the recovery of soft tissue injuries
  • Improving skin tone 

Topical products are one of the simplest ways to administer CBD. Swapping out your current body lotion, moisturiser, or body oil for a CBD infused product is a simple way to incorporate the potential benefits of CBD into your skin routine. To use CBD topically as a massage oil, apply the oil to areas of the skin you wish to soothe, massaging into the skin for at least 30 seconds. 

As mentioned, topical products compete with the skin’s barrier, making it hard for CBD to be absorbed. For this reason, remember to apply liberally to get the most out of both your massage and CBD. Although there has been limited research to provide information on the possible effects and duration of topical CBD products in humans, many users report feeling the purported effects of topical CBD within a few minutes. The duration of any effects you feel will vary between individuals, however, so it is recommended to reapply as and when needed - so no need to cut your CBD massage short!

Our Holistic Approach to Premium CBD 

When it comes to our holistic health and wellbeing, we at CBII like to optimise our consumption of the potential botanical powers of CBD. That is why our Feel Good Capsules provide you not only with premium full-spectrum CBD but also with all the essential vitamins your body needs.

Vitamins are nutrients vital to human health, required by the body for us to function healthily. The role of vitamins includes strengthening bones, healing wounds, and supporting the body’s immune system. Whilst vitamins can often be acquired through foods; our Feel Good Capsules provide an effortless way to ensure we consume the vitamins our body needs. 

Our trademarked formulations are specifically designed to target specific needs, from potentially impacting the immune system to revitalising energy levels. We have combined our premium full-spectrum CBD with essential vitamins to create a range of expertly formulated products through our pioneering CBD research. 

  • Immune: CBD Capsules With Vitamin D & C - Created to help your body’s first line of defence. Our Immune CBD Capsules contain 3 mg full-spectrum CBD per capsule, alongside vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, and ginseng to support the immune system and impact energy levels.
  • Nourish: CBD Capsules With Zinc - Providing your body with nourishment from the inside out. Our Nourish CBD Capsules with 1.5 mg full-spectrum

    Finding the Right Dosage for You

    CBD per capsule, alongside zinc, milk thistle, and juniper berry oil. The inclusion of zinc helps to deliver the body with an essential nutrient that contributes to macronutrients’ normal metabolism and maintenance of normal hair, skin, and nails.
  • Move: CBD Capsules With Vitamin C - Including 1.5 mg of full-spectrum CBD per capsule, alongside vitamin C, turmeric, and black pepper oil, our Move CBD Capsules help boost an active lifestyle. Vitamin C helps support the immune system and supports normal energy-yielding metabolism and collagen formation for cartilage and bones’ normal function.
  • Balance: CBD Capsules With Vitamin B3 - Supplementing you in finding your natural rhythm, our Balance CBD Capsules include 1.5 mg of full-spectrum CBD per capsule, alongside vitamin B3 and herbal ingredients such as passionflower and coriander oil. Vitamin B3 helps to combat tiredness and fatigue, aiding in maintaining a balanced mind and body throughout the day. 

Our collection of Feel Good Capsules enables you to choose the blend most appropriate to your body’s individual wellbeing needs and lifestyle. So you can consume full-spectrum CBD and essential vitamins stress-free as part of your daily routine. Supplementing your lifestyle with premium CBD oil with added vitamins, our Feel Good Capsules allow you to taste, test, and experience the difference for yourself, serving as an all-encompassing supplement to enhance your wellbeing needs.

Finding the Right Dosage for You

Discovering your optimal dose of CBD is a personal journey, as there are many individual factors to take into account.

 Your dosage of CBD will depend on things such as your: 

  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Body mass index
  • Health
  • Metabolism rate 

Depending on your purpose of consumption, the form of CBD will also impact upon the dosage needed, as some forms of delivery will have higher rates of bioavailability than others.

All of these factors will help to determine the most appropriate form of CBD for your needs.  

Though minor and uncommon, we recommend starting with a small dose and gradually increasing to reduce the risk of possible side effects. This will allow you to gauge your body’s reaction to CBD and individual tolerance, in order to find the dosage that works best for your unique needs to deliver optimal potential results.

Because we understand there is no one size fits all when it comes to CBD, we have developed three strengths of our premium CBD oil. For those wishing to try CBD for the first time, we suggest beginning with our 100 mg oil (1%) to introduce your body to the potential effects of CBD before gradually increasing to a more potent dosage. Once your body has become used  to CBD, we recommend increasing your dosage potency with our 200 mg oil (2%) medium strength oil.

For experienced CBD users, our highest-strength 500 mg oil (5%) provides our most potent dose for more significant effects. Building up your CBD intake to your optimal dosage will help you discover how incorporating CBD into your daily routine could benefit your overall wellbeing, not to mention your pursuit of a more holistic and natural lifestyle.

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