Our exclusive partnership with Bod Australia & Swiss CBD Producer, Linnea SA

Our Gentle CBD Extraction is Trademarked

Here at CBII, consistent quality is imperative. We believe that each and every drop of our full spectrum CBD oil and CBD capsules should contain the highest quality CBD possible. Which is why we’ve partnered exclusively with Bod Australia and their Swiss CBD producer, Linnea SA to provide a gold standard extract of CBD.

Now we don’t mean to toot our own trumpet, but there are many things that make CBII unique. The result of Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP), meticulous manufacturing practices and extensive quality testing, CBII sets high standards to ensure high-quality CBD you can trust.

If you’ve delved into the world of CBII, you may already have heard of our gold standard LINNEA315CSETM extract, a high-quality CBD extract and trademarked extraction method that Linnea SA own the rights to.

But if you haven’t, what exactly does all of this mean for you?

Let’s explore…

CBII and Bod Australia: Exclusive Partnership

For us, quality comes before quantity. Always. Which is why we’ve partnered with CBD and medicinal cannabis company Bod Australia who have begun revolutionary clinical trials for medicinal CBD as well as their Swiss CBD producer Linnea SA to fine craft our CBD oils. 

There are many exceptional qualities about Bod and Linnea SA, including their commitment to standardisation, on-going research and clinical applications, quality certification, and pharmaceutical experience (they are some of the best in the business).

So, for us, having access to Linnea was a no-brainer.

Why Linnea SA?

Back in 2017, Linnea SA, started up a self-sufficient biogas project along with two local farms in Ticino, Switzerland. What this impressive biogas facility does, in essence, is turn waste into renewable energy.

We wanted the very best, which is why we use the inflourences (the flowering head) of the hemp plant – the parts that contain the richest source of CBD – to make our feel good oil and capsules. After Linnea completes the CBD extraction process, they recycle any of the plant matter they don't use at this facility. Any manure, sewage and other agricultural by-products produced by the two local farms are also used as fuel.

Here's what we love about Linnea SA and it's jointly-owned biogas facility:

  • It produced 2,500,000 Kw of clean, renewable energy annually, providing electricity and heating for the surrounding district
  • Supplied enough energy to power the homes of approximately 250 local households
  • They use raw manure and sewage waste to fuel the facility, and high-quality digested waste to fertilize farm crops
  • All solvents or substances used in extraction are recycled in line with regulation and reused in an environmentally-friendly way
  • They're an active and accredited participant in ENAw,  a Swiss energy strategy program that aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption

Trademarked extraction method

Through our partnership with Bod Australia and Linnea SA, we're able to produce a natural, botanical, full spectrum CBD oil that's sourced and extracted from the Cannabis Sativa L. plant in the purest, gentlest way possible so we can deliver it to you exactly as nature intended.

We use a clean and sustainable ethanol extraction method to gently extract our full spectrum CBII CBD UK from the female Cannabis sativa L. plant. This low-powered, gentle extraction ensures the richest source of cannabinoids go into our CBD products.

We can achieve this without damaging any of the cannabinoids, terpenes and other parts of the plant, like flavonoids. The result is a fuller, high-quality CBD oil which is as close to the natural plant as possible.

To ensure its stability, the CBD is later dissolved in Medium Triglyceride (MCT Oil), giving you a high-quality CBD product you can trust.

Oh! And let’s not forget: the process recycles over 90% of the ethanol used in the process. So, because the operation is clean, sustainable and uses less chemicals and energy than other extraction methods, it’s better for you and the environment!

What is LINNEA315CSE extract?

Linnea SA uses proprietary technology and standardised growing conditions to ensure a standardised, consistent and reproducible extract. This extract is known as LINNEA315CSETM and they have patented the extraction method.

So, what exactly does that mean?

It means that nobody else can make the same CBD. Our CBD is exclusive which means we can control the process from plant to bottle to ensure that it gets our CBII stamp of approval.

Plus, because of the trademarked extraction process and meticulous quality control, we can ensure that our extract is consistent from batch to batch. It also means that, unlike other CBD brands, we can be certain of the exact CBD content in our products.

Rigorous testing & manufacturing standards

And the process doesn’t end there. There's huge concern in the CBD oil UK market that there are so many poor quality products available. How do consumers know the difference? Using an independent lab means that our results have been verified twice and rules out any chance for error.

Every single batch of CBII undergoes continual quality testing throughout each stage of its creation to guarantee its consistency, stability and reliability, from plant to bottle. Our products are independently tested and verified by a third party for both its CBD content and other compounds such as THC - our botanical CBD oil contains only trace levels of THC (<0.2%) so you’ll be able to enjoy with ease. 

100 mg CBD oil test results.

200 mg CBD oil test results. 

500 mg CBD oil test results. 

What's more, our CBD is meticulously made adhering to Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) and accredited European GMP manufacturing standards. Good agricultural and collection practices or GACP is the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) equivalent for plants.

In essence, it provides a guideline for how medicinal plants should be grown and harvested, ready for extraction.  Unlike pharmaceutical active ingredients, plants have differences which means they may yield different levels of the active component. GACP helps us to control this.

Curious to try our gold standard CBD extract? 

Our feel good CBD oil is our trademark using the standardised extract LINNEA315CSE™.

CBII CBD UK is produced from legally grown, non-GMO hemp plants, nurtured using controlled farming techniques and meticulous manufacturing processes. This closely monitored journey from extract to bottle ensures consistent quality you can rely on.

Our range includes both premium CBD oil and full spectrum CBD supplements with added vitamin C, vitamin B3 and zinc for you to choose from so you can find the format that works best for you.

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