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Find your CBD-ology


Everyone’s heard of CBD. Yes, that plant-based wonder the whole world is going crazy for. In fact, it’s hard these days to walk past a health shop window without a shiny new CBD product adorning pride of place. However, it’s possible that you’re not quite there yet. Perhaps you haven’t thought much about it? Or considered how it could fit into your daily routine?

But if you’re still a little CBD-curious, please have a read of our blog: With CBD, it’s personal and keep reading this one too. Who knows? You might just discover that fitting CBD into your life is a lot easier than you first thought…

The right CBD chooses you

Just like CBD brands, everyone is wildly different and so are our lifestyles. So, it’s all about finding the perfect CBD match that works for you. Whether you’re a go-getting young professional gym bunny who never stops; or a parent on a constant mission to fit in work/home/childcare and everything else in between; or a university student living a full-on life of lectures, assignments and social fun; or an amateur sporting warrior with daily PB’s to smash. Whoever you are, there’s a product which may be suitable for you. It’s just a matter of finding your best way to take CBD.


Here are 5 different ways to bring CBD into your life…

CBD Oil - For the go-getters, the HIIT-makers, the goal-breakers 

This is one of our favourite ways to take CBD. Convenient, easy and portable, CBD oil comes in a small pocket-size bottle with a dropper, or in spray form. Just pop it into your handbag or gym bag and you’re good to go. And how to take CBD oil couldn’t be easier. When you’re ready we recommend you simply place the drops (or spray) under your tongue as directed on the label. Don’t forget that your daily intake can vary depending on the strength, so always check the instructions before use.

Another way to take it is to add it to a snack or post-workout drink. Perhaps after that strength training session or Box fit class. It’s also worth taking note that you shouldn’t take CBD oil with caffeine, so that’s a no to having it with your morning latte or afternoon green tea! Other than that, you can set your own times of day. It’s important you integrate it into your daily routine on your own terms.

Capsules - For the non-fussers, the laid-backers, the on-the-goers

Traditional, unfussy and tasteless, could capsules be your CBD-ology of choice? With the oil intake already defined in every capsule, just pop it, forget about it and go. You usually take it with water before or after food, however, the recommended daily intake depends on the individual brand, so always check the label first. You could make it part of your routine, perhaps when you take any other supplements or vitamins, or during a certain period of the day like on your commute to work or pre/post-workout.

Creams & Lotions - For the indulgent-lovers, the pleasure-seekers, the self-carers

There’s something about a cream or lotion that feels lovely and indulgent doesn’t it? Also applying it on the skin means it’s helping to replenish that area. So, if you’re looking for a way to apply CBD directly on to a specific area, a topical application of cream or lotion may be the method you’ve been searching for. Plus, there’s the bonus benefit of moisturising the skin - making it even more pleasant to use. Perfect for applying after a bath or shower.

Edibles - For the snack-lovers, the treat-takers, the always-outers

If you’re a lover of snacking and are always out and about, this could be the ideal CBD match for you. Coming in all kinds of tasty food formats, from gummies, sweets and chocolate to chewing gum and drinks, CBD edibles are great for putting in your bag first thing in the morning so they’re always with you. Out of all the CBD methods you could opt for, this one could very well be the tastiest of all! A quick word to the wise though; there are many CBD foods out there that may not be as good quality as you would get in an oil or capsule, so always do your homework before committing.

Skin patches - For the up-and-outers, the fitness-warriors, the discreet-searchers

An emerging area of CBD delivery - skin patches are used for topical application by applying them straight to a specific area, which is then absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream. Using body heat, the patch slowly releases the substance into your system across a period of time. This discreet method is a good one if you just want to stick on a patch, forget about it and go about the rest of your day.

So, there you have it - 5 easy ways to weave CBD into your life. Whether you’re a go-getter, a self-carer, snack-lover or a fitness-warrior. So…what’s your CBD-ology going to be?


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