When was the last time you woke up feeling delighted, refreshed, and ready to go? Don't feel bad if you can't remember! We all have our days when forcing ourselves out of bed is the last thing we want to do, especially in the wee hours of the morning or at the crack of dawn. 

Sometimes, it's okay to snooze your alarm for a short time later and get some more sleep if you wish so. However, hitting the snooze button one time too many can create chaos in your morning routine. This practice (known as 'drockling') can confuse your body clock, giving you a hard time when it comes to getting up with all the eagerness and enthusiasm needed to face the day ahead. 

Once you finally do roll out of your bed, you are more likely to feel sluggish and grumpy- rushing around to make it into the office, vaguely hoping your manager won't summon you for being late or unfocused. One thing is for sure: that is not how you want to spend your morning! 

As it turns out, the way you start each day can have a tremendous impact on how the rest of your day goes. Instead of complaining about early call-times and putting the blame on your innocent alarm that only does its job, perhaps there are better ways to banish morning issues and start your day with the energy you need. 

Most of us experience waking up in the morning feeling even more tired than when we actually went to bed last night. This could be triggered by many possible factors, including poor sleep quality, dehydration, over-caffeinating, hormonal imbalance, or a sedentary lifestyle. In some cases, such as waking up with stiffness or aching body parts, your mattress could be the problem. In fact, according to a 2009 study published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine, we may potentially experience fewer aches and pains in the morning after sleeping on a new, quality mattress.

When life throws us problems, we usually look for secret "how to's" and possible ways to solve them. In your case, you probably want to know what makes a successful morning routine. At CBII, we are always happy to help! As mentioned above, there are plenty of ways to improve your morning routines that will potentially get you in the mood for a more productive day- all of which we'll talk about very soon. In the meantime, with a recent surge in popularity, you may be interested in incorporating hemp seed oil into your morning routine. 

To say that hemp seed products have emerged as some of the hottest developments in the health and wellness market over the last decade is an understatement. But, since the hemp industry remains mired in a grey area between legal and illegal consumption, it is quite reasonable for some people to be a little sceptic about the use of hemp-infused products.

As luck would have it, dozens of preliminary studies continue to investigate some anecdotal uses of hemp seeds in order to fully maximise the potential benefits of the promising crop. We are just as curious as you are, which is why we wanted to help you navigate the real deal about hemp seed oil. Can it really help with our daily morning routines? That is for us to find out!  


Hemp is one of the two most well-known and extensively-researched cultivars of the cannabis Sativa plant, the other being marijuana. It is a versatile, herbaceous plant that was initially grown across many different countries to produce a number of industrial materials, such as textiles, clothing, rope, paper, biofuel, and more.

Today, hemp seed oils are in-demand for containing an abundance of nutrients (also known as chemical compounds) touted to potentially supplement a variety of symptoms often associated with several minor to severe health conditions. 

One of the most common myths about hemp seed oil is that some users may refer to it as CBD oil, when in reality, they are very different products. CBD oil is extracted from the leaves, flowers, and stalks of the hemp plant. It contains a higher concentration of CBD, a cannabinoid with numerous potential health benefits.

As the name suggests, Hemp seed oil comes from the seeds of hemp- which, particularly after refinement, do not usually contain CBD or other cannabinoids. Instead, hemp seeds are promoted as rich sources of nutrients, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and other natural compounds that may also have potential health benefits. From there, we can deduce that the two oils may vary when it comes to their distinctive characteristics and purported effects, even if they both originate from the same plant. 

While hemp seeds are quickly becoming an essential part of many consumer's lives, there's still a lot of misleading information that often causes extreme confusion- creating a barrier between the potential goodness of hemp seed oil and the consumers who want to experiment with it. Below are some common myths about the plant that might need some debunking: 

"Using hemp will get you high." 

Hemp plants are bred to contain less than 0.2% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)- another cannabinoid that is primarily responsible for marijuana's intoxicating effects. For the sake of comparison, marijuana contains around 30% THC, which is high enough to produce a state of intoxication or a' high' sensation. In the case of hemp, containing a little-to-no amount of THC won't likely result in any intoxication. This is especially relevant for hemp-derived products such as CBD or hemp seed oil, which can only contain up to 1mg of THC per whole product.

"There is no real research to support any potential benefits of hemp products."

While research into the potential effects of the components found in hemp-derived products is still ongoing, some studies and anecdotal evidence is widely available to support the potential effectiveness of hemp products (including hemp seed oil) in possibly supplementing mainstream treatments for symptoms of various medical and mental health conditions. In fact, a 2018 study has indicated that the particular fatty acids found in hemp seed oil may help with supplementing anxiety symptoms. 

Moreover, a study in the Journal of Dermatological Treatment has found that oral consumption of hemp seed oil might help reduce acne and supplement some symptoms of other skin conditions caused by inflammation. Likewise, the promising results are mainly attributed to the fatty acids found in hemp seed oil. 

"All hemp products are illegal."

As mentioned above, a big problem still remains amidst the rising hemp industry, as we continue to observe a profound confusion surrounding what is legal, and what is not. So far, hemp-derived products that contain 0.2% THC or less are allowed in most European countries. Despite the varying degrees in regulations among every state, the European hemp market is astoundingly estimated to hit €1.4 billion by 2023. 


Almost every one of us has probably heard of the circulatory, digestive, and nervous systems that are responsible for governing a variety of our body's physiological functions. Now, there is another bodily system that some of you might have never learnt about in high school biology.

We are talking about the endocannabinoid system, also known as the ECS. Following its discovery in the early 1990s, the ECS was described as a specialised system that regulates numerous bodily processes to promote a sense of stability and balance (known as homeostasis). It is composed of cannabinoid receptors (including CB1 and CB2 receptors) that are distributed throughout the body. 

study in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences has analysed the intriguing connection between cannabinoids and the cannabinoid receptors of the ECS. Our body can synthesise its own cannabinoids from the essential fatty acids found in our food. To further increase our fatty acid intake, hemp seed oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids that our body cannot produce on its own. This could explain the reason why consuming hemp seed oil may potentially support our overall wellness.

Understanding the intricate mechanisms of the ECS may be complicated, but if it helps, you can think of the endocannabinoid receptors as secured locks and the nutrients in hemp seed oil as the keys. When these elements bind together, it may unlock an entryway to a cascade of potential effects by allowing the hemp seed oil to deliver its active ingredients to the body. This possible interaction between compounds found in the hemp seed oil and the ECS plays an essential role in managing various bodily functions, such as pain perception, appetite, mood, memory, and more.


As promised, we are sharing with you some healthy habits that might help improve your' morning mood'—(of course!) with a newly-developed addition to your daily regimen: hemp seed oil. So, if you are looking for ways to kickstart your morning with a drop (or more) of pure hemp seed oil, read on for our easy-peasy ways to sneak this ingredient into your morning routine.    


Do you start your day by jumping out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off (or, more realistically, after snoozing on your alarm clock a couple of times)? If so, it's time to delete that part from your morning routine. Instead, stay in bed for a few minutes. Yes, seriously! We know it might sound a bit weird and trivial, but here's what science has to say about this new morning habit. 

By lying on your back (with your eyes open) for around 5-10 minutes after you wake up, you are allowing yourself to completely awaken your senses and focus on the present moment. As it turns out, a rapid transition from a bad sleep posture to strictly-enforced getting up could strain your muscles, causing you to feel a sense of stiffness or pain, according to physical therapist Erika Mundinger

First thing in the morning, give yourself enough time for conscious awakening. Focus on your breathing while feeling the temperature of the air, catching a glimpse of the sunrise, and smelling the scent of your room. If you light up some scented candles at night before you go to bed (but of course blow them about before you sleep), it can set the tone for your morning meditation the following day. Our hemp-derived CBD Candles have a 25-hour burn time, and come with a lovely citrus scent to potentially re-energise your senses for a feel-good mind and body. 

Another great way to awaken your intellectual and spiritual self is to think about all the things you are thankful for (including the fact that you're awake), as well as the things that need to be done today. This step sounds way better than scrolling social media at the very beginning of your day. 


A 5-minute stretch won't compromise much of your time. Once all your senses are completely awake, you may now prepare your body for an easy workout session. Stretch your body out, from your neck to your toes, allowing your entire body to adjust from being horizontal for eight hours to finally getting up and moving into the day. Don't forget to put on some upbeat tunes while you perform your exercises. Everyone needs an upbeat morning playlist at some point to help them increase their energy levels and get them ready for the day, and so do you! 

You can also consider smiling as part of your morning stretch session. Smile therapy is not technically for morning workouts alone, as you can always practise smiling at any time you want during the day (even if there's no reason to smile- just fake it till you make it for the sake of positivity). This practice involves the movement of muscles in your face, which is known to attract happy thoughts by releasing serotonin (a specialised hormone that makes you feel comfortable and positive). 

To help ease your body's worn-out muscles after your morning stretch, you may wish to massage a few drops of hemp seed oil into any tight muscles to potentially supplement the tension. You can also add them to your post-workout protein shake for potentially quicker recovery.


After a quick stretch, it's time to give yourself some 'splash' in order to prevent the sweat build-up that causes body odour and the risk of developing acne. Have you ever heard of the 90-second shower trick? Neither have we. But, according to an article published on Harper's Bazaar, this trick at the end of your shower could give you more energy than a regular cup of caffeine would. 

Here's how to achieve this 90-second shower trick. All you need to do is sprinkle yourself with cold water for 30 seconds, followed by lukewarm water for another 30 seconds, and then finish with another splish-splash of cold water for the last 30 seconds.

As the temperature in your body quickly changes, it wakes up your capillaries (tiny blood vessels) which, in turn, increases your blood circulation, and stimulates your mind and body. Once you're done with this ultimate arousing shower experience, hydrate your skin with our Nourishing CBD Face Oil, made with a great combination of CBD and hemp seed oil to further achieve healthy, glowing skin all day long. 


If there's something delicious to wake up to (something that will quickly get you out of bed), it's a yummy (but healthy) breakfast! We all love the smell of food among other things— the inviting flavour of garlic rice being fried until crisp, the delicious sound of sautéeing mixed vegetables, the nutritious savour of avocado toast (with cherry tomatoes on the side, please!), and, of course, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Are you sure you don't want to get out of your bed, even with all of these treats on your table?  

When preparing breakfast, vegans may want to consider hemp seed oil as a gluten-free and environmentally-conscious addition to their usual ingredients. Hemp seed oil is often used in cooking for its natural components like plant-based proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, essential amino acids (all nine of them, to be precise). On top of that, hemp seed oil holds a high rank among other ingredients when it comes to versatility. It can be used for toasting, frying, or baking any number of dishes. Hemp seed oil can also be immersed into drinks (such as smoothies or lattes), or even ingested on its own.

Most hemp seed oils also come with a dropper for easy sublingual consumption. Just hold a few drops under your tongue for around 30-60 seconds, let the compounds diffuse into your bloodstream through the glands under your tongue, and you're good to go! Simpler yet, why not try our hemp seed capsules? Hemp seed capsules are a more certain way of getting a consistent daily dose of all that hempy goodness.

Getting a dose of hemp seed in either form is, without a doubt, very quick and easy (and there is just no need for any rushing around that often causes morning madness). It just so happens to bring you to another hassle-free method of sneaking hemp seed oil into your mindful morning routine.


Some users find capsules as an easier way to consume hemp seed oil. Aside from the fact that it only takes quick swallowing of pills through your mouth, choosing encapsulated hemp seed oil will also allow you to skip the earthy aftertaste of pure hemp seed oil, or the greasy sensation of holding oil inside your mouth. Most of all, hemp seed capsules can be discreetly enclosed in a pill organiser, which makes it a super handy option for busy lifestyles- you won't have to worry about a leaky bottle of oil while driving on your way to work. 

Our wide selection of hemp seed capsules is filled with all-natural hemp seed oil, and packed with vitamins to potentially transition your foggy morning into a relaxed and refocused one of clarity. Fending off your morning blues and stressors not only promotes overall wellness, but also maximises your productivity- allowing you to accomplish all your to-do's ahead!


Most of us tend to wake up much later on weekend mornings, and that's okay! It's actually good that you are trying to replenish all your lost energies from the entire workweek by catching an extra hour or two of precious shut-eye on those weekend mornings. However, it might still surprise you that there are some days when you wake up feeling tired and in pain, even after getting longer hours of sleep. 

It appears that this weekend morning fatigue comes down to social jet lag, a feeling of sluggishness often due to the change in a person's sleep pattern between weekdays and weekends, caused entirely by certain lifestyle habits. For instance, you struggle through early mornings and late nights from Monday to Friday, only to get burned out come Saturday. A whole workweek can bring with it an overload of stress to your mind and body, which is why weekends should be all about self-care practices for every aspect of your life- from the mind, to your skin and overall health. 

Soaking in a warm bath is an excellent way to de-stress and reconstruct a frame of mind and body to get you ready for the work week ahead. Likewise, implementing a spa-like facial or full-body massage with hemp seed oil may help supplement your skin while potentially calming your mind and body, and awakening your senses. 

Having much more free time on weekends also calls for many exciting things to get done. For example, you can ask your friends to come over for brunch, go out on a date with yourself, visit the gym, or write a journal. The most essential part of practising a self-care Sunday routine is to allocate your time to activities that you enjoy without overwhelming your body. Even if you have all the time in your hands on weekends, it is still essential to switch off early and obtain a full night's rest if you want to welcome another day with a smile.  


When it comes to implementing a mindful morning routine, it is essential to understand that everyone is different. Our well-crafted morning regimen might look much different from yours. Nonetheless, whether you are an early riser, a snoozer champion, or a groggy-eyed walking zombie, there is only one secret to finding the best morning routine that works for you, and it's all about listening to your instincts. Each day is interestingly different, and so your body might need other things, too, depending on your wake-up mood for the day. 

As you constantly evaluate your morning tempers and find more ways to improve them, you can always incorporate hemp seed oil into your daily routine by mastering some of the tips we've provided above. Beyond hemp seed oil, other healthy lifestyle practices can go a long way in establishing a much brighter morning routine that creates a renewed outlook on what lies ahead. You may not realise it now, but starting off the day on the right foot can impact your life in more ways than you might even begin to imagine. 


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