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My Lady Garden Q&A


5 tips for creating a relaxing home zen space

In partnership with My Lady Garden 

To celebrate the launch of our brand new CBD balm enveloped in calming lavender, eucalyptus and CBD oil, we’ve teamed up with My Lady Garden, one of the trendiest florists in London, to highlight the benefits of these soul-soothing plants and essential oils for the mind, the home and our inner wellbeing.

Keep reading to discover Founder, Kai's top tips for creating a relaxing space to unwind indoors (especially after a long work day) and her most recommended flowers, plants and essential oils to aid sleep and relaxation.  

1. What are your tips for creating a relaxing Zen space indoors, especially when we’re spending more time at home than ever before? 

Kai: I really treasure my home space and like to create little moments of calm. Find areas to focus on - mine are spaces like the side bench in the kitchen, coffee table in our living room and entrance space by the front door. I love finding a fresh bunch of flowers every week for my living room and rotating my collection of vases every week.

For the kitchen, I like a small bud vase with a special stem. And plants styled around the house to bring an extra pop of green to the space! As the days are getting shorter, I also enjoy lighting candles to create ambiance as I find it really helps me find Zen at home.

My top 3 plants for creating a space of wellness are:

  1. Lavender, to relieve stress and aid relaxation
  2. Eucalyptus, to purify the air and bring a touch of green nature inside
  3. Aloe Vera, to purify and cleanse the air indoors

2. What are the mind, body and health benefits of having indoor plants and flowers around the home? 

Kai: Having flowers and plants inside have been proven to boost your mood. They de-stress, reduce anxiety and bring joy. For me, the mental health benefits include having plants that I need to care for weekly. Especially now, it's great to have an element of routine!

They also improve air quality by removing airborne toxins, which is a real positive as we are all spending more time indoors, and especially for the upcoming winter.

3. Have you noticed any trends that have sprung up during the pandemic that can help support anxiety and mental health?  

Kai: I've noticed a real movement in curating routines - for me, this involves meditation before bed, and taking natural supplements like CBD each morning. I find that with improved sleep, and CBD helping ease my anxiety, my mental health is in much better shape.

I have also noticed a real passion for gardening which is super therapeutic and really calming. There is an increasing trend of people wanting to make their home spaces more aesthetically pleasing and the need for a safe and relaxing space to switch off from the daily grind.

As I mentioned above, there are plenty of ways to do this indoors even if you don’t have a garden – and I’ve loved seeing this creativity come to life in small spaces!

4. Managing your own business can be stressful. What’s your go-to wind-down routine to support a calmer work/life balance? 

Kai: CBD has become part of my daily routine! I take CBII capsules each morning, and if i'm feeling particularly overwhelmed, I take CBD oil throughout the day. It helps prevent any anxiety attacks and panic attacks, something I have struggled with in the initial years of building my business.

I also love having a bath before bed to unwind. I listen to a relaxing playlist and have a real chill out. I'm still finding the work / life balance and learning what works best, but find CBD really helps!

5. In addition to CBD oil, what herbal plant(s) or flower(s) would you recommend for reducing stress and boosting sleep in the bedroom? 

Kai: Definitely lavender - I have a "calm" candle which I burn each night in my bedroom. It features lavender, chamomile and oats! I burn this 30 mins before I'm heading to bed.

I also have a pillow spray which features eucalyptus and lavender, both scents that resonate with feelings of calm and relax me! It's really nice to come into a room which has such a calming feeling, especially before bedtime.

I’m also super excited to be trialling CBII’s new CBD Balm, which contains lavender, menthol and eucalyptus to soothe sore muscles, nourish the skin and help me feel even more relaxed.

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