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Sleep beautiful


Sleep beautiful


A beautiful night’s sleep – isn’t that what we all strive for when the light goes out? But what constitutes beauty sleep isn’t merely how our appearance checks out the next morning, but how we actually feel; both mentally and physically. After all, a good night’s sleep is as important as a healthy diet and regular exercise. And in today’s crazy-fast and tech-driven world, the need to get away from it all is even more paramount for our overall health and wellbeing.

Experts in the field of wellness often write on the subject of zzz’s and how to sleep better at night. It’s an important topic, so we’re joining in and taking a look at how to turn those dreams of a great night’s sleep into reality.

Power down

Exposure to light in the daytime is exactly what the body needs, but at night it needs to be put to bed, just like we do. If not, it has the power to impact on our circadian rhythm, tricking our brain into thinking it’s still daytime. As a result, hormones like melatonin are reduced, the very thing that help us relax and achieve deep sleep. Blue light that emits from smartphones and computers are the worst culprit for this and should be reduced come evening time. But don’t fret, there are options to eradicate blue light from our night lives! From wearing glasses that eradicate blue light from vision, to apps that block it from your phone like an unwanted caller. There is also a simpler approach if you’re willing to try – just dim the lights and don’t look at a screen (including the TV) for at least 2 hours before bed. Radical, we know, but worth considering. Think of it as golden time but inside a cosy darkened room…

Sleep beautiful clouds

Put caffeine to bed early

A no-brainer really but stopping all caffeine sources (not just coffee but other drinks like tea and foods like dark chocolate) by mid-afternoon could help improve sleep quality since caffeine stimulates the nervous system and can stop body and mind from relaxing naturally at night. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that the intensity and length of caffeine effects do vary from person to person. And while we’re on the subject of drinking, alcohol can also disrupt our natural sleeping patterns by causing us brief awakening periods throughout the night. So, it’s best to avoid consumption before sleep in order to maximise your chance of a good night’s rest.

Eat right to sleep right

Late-night eating or consuming a big meal before bed, as tasty as that sounds, is not conducive to achieving restful sleep. If possible, eating 3 hours before bedtime is what you should be aiming for. Energy-dense foods and anything that’s difficult for the stomach to digest is always best to avoid before turning out the light. And if you enjoy the odd treat, remember that cacao - which can be used in chocolate-based products like cocoa - is also a mild stimulant that can keep you awake.

Create a sleepy place

We all have our happy places and our bedroom is right up there. Improving sleep has a lot to do with the night-time environment we create for ourselves, so make sure your bedroom is as relaxing and chilled as it can be. Consider the temperature (around 20 degrees should do it) and how external light and noise can be blocked out with a good blind and double-glazed window. Or at the very least, a decent pair of earplugs and an eye mask. Even the light from an alarm clock can disturb a good slumber, so dim it down to its lowest setting for a more calming vibe.

A drop of relaxation

Relax-enhancing aromatherapy oils like lavender have been used for hundreds of years and are known for their traditional use in helping to induce restful and blissful sleep. For some, a couple of drops on their pillow every night is just the thing to help them sleep like a baby. Other pre-sleep relaxing techniques to try could be anything from a spot of meditation and visualisation to a massage, hot bath or a good book - there are no rules here! Simply try and see what encourages restful sleep to follow.

Exercise right, sleep better

It’s no surprise that regular exercise in daylight hours can help with better sleep at night-time. But the key word here is daylight, because exercising closer to bedtime (especially moderate to vigorous exercise) can disrupt sleep as it can increase energy levels and stimulate alertness. So, if you can, save that run, spinning class or gym workout for daytime - your body will thank you for it when that bedside light goes out.

Write it down

A sleep diary can be a useful tool when it comes to helping you get enough of those zzz’s. It’s a smart way to uncover any habits or lifestyle activities that may contribute to hindering your sleep and makes it easier to identify and master them. It could also reveal underlying issues that you wouldn’t have been aware of before that might be a factor, such as stress. So why not take a couple of minutes before bed and when you wake up to jot down any observations – you might just have a better night for it.

Peace of mind

Another way to feel good and sleepy in the evening is to think about what you’re doing during the day. If you’re considering trying something like CBD, it’s important to choose a premium product such as CBII oil 100mg that you can trust with confidence. Choosing the right CBD for you is an extremely personal thing, coming down to your own aspirations and goals for health, happiness and everyday wellness. So, choose carefully and wisely!

There are so many ways to achieve a beautiful night’s sleep, good luck with finding yours. Sleep tight.


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