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Is it healthier to sleep naked?


The benefits of sleeping naked: Is it healthier to sleep nude?

This Sleep Awareness Month, we're looking at the benefits of sleeping naked in an effort to promote higher quality sleep.

What we wear to bed isn't necessarily a decision we spend a lot of time contemplating , however, there are several potential health benefits to sleeping nude.

Pick a topic below:

Falling asleep faster

Sleeping naked can help lower your body temperature, and subsequently help you to fall asleep faster.

By cooling down, you’re subconsciously telling your body that it’s time to sleep - sleeping naked can encourage this process to help you drift off more quickly.

The ideal temperature for your bedroom is somewhere between 15 to 19°C. Did you know that cooling down your body can improve your overall sleep quality too?

Researchers at the University of Amsterdam discovered that increasing skin temperature by just 0.4 degrees was linked with worsened insomnia and increased nighttime waking.

If you’ve woken up uncomfortably hot during the night, then an easy way to keep cool is to simply sleep without pyjamas or do away with any heavy, overbearing quilts.

Boosting self-esteem

Sleeping – and subsequently spending more time – naked, also grants us more time to love and appreciate our bodies.

One study found that spending more time naked improved participants’ self-esteem and decreased body image dissatisfaction.  

The study suggests that even just spending more time naked can help overcome mental blocks and unrealistic standards set by today’s cultural trends.

As such, some nudity-induced confidence before you hit the hay can go a long way to increasing body confidence and self-esteem.

Improving skin

Should we show more skin to look after our skin?

The results of one study showed that sleep deprivation affects features relating to the eyes, mouth, and skin, and that these features function as cues of sleep loss to other people.

Better quality sleep can also lead to a normalisation of your hormone levels, as well as increasing the release of both the growth hormone and melatonin, which have anti-ageing properties.

Ensuring we get enough sleep could help our skin to recover and stay healthy, and if sleeping naked helps promote our quality of sleep, then we’re all in on improved skin.

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