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Wellness Q&A with Simone Powderly


Wellness Q&A with Simone Powderly: How to Practice Self Love Everyday

Simone Powderly: woman looking over shoulder

At CBII, we're always on the search for what makes us feel good. So, in the lead up to Valentine's Day, we couldn’t think of a better time to focus on the importance of practicing self-love and wellness every day.

After all, the key to inner wellbeing is realising you don’t need to wait for someone else to love you; you can start today, where you are, with what you have.  

We interviewed wellness and mental health advocate Simone Powderly, Founder of My Trauma, My Healing and Co-Founder of The Teen Experience, for her top tips for practicing self-love.

From CBD oil, to everyday mantras, she shares how the little things we do every day make all the difference.

1. Why is self-love important for our wellness, throughout our lives but especially now?

Simone: "Self love is important throughout our lives because, well to be frank, life can be a rollercoaster and if there is one thing we must do it’s to ensure to honour ourselves. We’ve got to do that with a lot of compassion, love and respect.

I think when we start with ourselves, we teach others by example and inspire others to do the same. Right now we need it because we are all experiencing this marathon that at times may feel like it’s not going to end, but we have to try every day to show up for ourselves. So many of us are learning how to do that right now by force especially if we’re alone." 

2.  What are your top tips for practicing self-care, particularly for women? 

Simone: "Before you can give to others, you have to give to yourself. What does the air hostess tell us on the plane: to adjust our life jacket first, right? Apply that daily to taking care of yourself. 

Firstly, try and tap into your inner child. Ask yourself: what did you like to do when you were young or what was it that you really wanted to do?

I think as women, we naturally mature quickly and as we get older, we are expected to fit certain roles, so we tend to lack the hobbies that men have, such as game consoles and football with the lads on the weekend.

So, I suggest that you try to identify some of the hobbies that you like. For example, I dance every day - without fail. It’s how I shift my energy and just love on my body a little when I may have been a little unkind.

The other thing you can do is make a self-care kit with all the things you love. After all, we have first aid kits for cuts and bruises but why don’t we have one for our mental wellness? It’s vital. I have one with all my favourite things and it’s my little pick me up when I need it most!"

3. Talk us through your daily self-care/wellness routine 

Simone: "In the morning.... we walk it out! If I am overthinking and I wake up from an unsettled sleep, I know how my day will set so I get up and I walk. Sometimes I opt for an audio book - The Four Agreements is a great one!

I always to try to get my body moving through a daily workout and what I do depends on how I’m feeling, ranging from yoga to a more intense workout. 

In the afternoons, whilst I am working away on my laptop, I have a candle burning and some aromatherapy. It’s really hard right now being at home and it doesn’t always feel like my sanctuary as I’m here 24/7 so I have my little pick me ups around me when I need them. I also love a brunch! 

At night, it can often be hard to switch off - truly - so I prepare my room with my Himalayan salt lamp, pillow mist sprays and I take my CBD oil to prepare my body for sleep." 

4. How do you balance your work and personal life and ensure you’re prioritizing your mental health?

Simone: "Organisation and routine. It is the only way I can balance between the two or it is just chaos! 

So, every day I make sure that I do something for me, whether that’s walking, working out, dancing, or even just binging on a feel good Netflix show, I have to have a little enjoyment throughout my day.

When I talk about organisation, I mean it. I actually put my self-care days in my diary the same way I would for all those zoom meetings and admin work to be done. So, make sure you make time for taking care of yourself in your diary, it's just as important!

Lastly, and most importantly, remember that it’s ok to say "no, I can’t do that right now". Don't be afraid of these words or worry that you might disappoint anyone. I have really had to learn that as I’m such a people pleaser and want to do anything and everything. But honestly, you can’t let yourself burn out. It’s not healthy."

5. Are there any go-to holistic wellness products you’ve found that have helped you unwind/sleep better?

Simone: "Definitely CBD oil to help me relax. I also love my Epsom salts baths and essential oils. Breathing is important too. In our daily lives, we actually don’t really breathe properly so focus on your breathing before you go to sleep. Lay there and let the day go with each breath. Seriously. It can be truly calming."

6. Your parting wisdom

Simone: "It’s ok to feel how you’re feeling right now. It’s ok if what once worked isn’t anymore. Remember that the only thing we can control and have any kind of power over is ourselves. So, let’s do all we can to wrap our arms around us and to take care of ourselves."


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