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Why choose hemp?


Why hemp? The sustainability & versitility of the hemp plant

Hemp is one of the most powerful natural ingredients. Discover the incredible benefits of this plant and why we use it to create our award-winning CBD products. 

What are the multi-benefits of hemp?

Discover the many amazing benefits of hemp for you and the environment: 

1. Sustainability 

Hemp is one of the most sustainable materials on the planet, according to multiple sources including the Textile Exchange and The Made-By Environmental Benchmark for Fibers.

2. Uses less water

Hemp requires a third of the water required by other crops to grow. 

3. Uses less chemicals

The hemp plant is naturally resistant to pests and predators, reducing the need for pesticides or chemicals like with other crops. 

4. Feeds nutrients back into the soil

Hemp works as a compost, feeding 60-70% of the nutrients it takes to grow back into the soil.

5. Captures carbon dioxide 

Hemp is a natural air purifier. It captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and acts as a store, hiding carbon dioxide away in its soil. In fact, hemp absorbs more carbon from the atmosphere while its growing than farmers emit while using the equipment needed to harvest, process and transport it.

6. Supports bee populations

The hemp plant is known to support bee and pollinator populations in the agroecosystem. Farmers are recommended to grow hemp to support bee diversity.

7. Good for you 

Hemp is an incredibly versatile and multi-benefit plant. Hundreds of verified customer reviews show how hemp in CBD form is helping transform people's lives through sleep, anxiety and stress relief. 

8. Recyclable

This raw material can be recycled for many purposes. We recycle unused plant matter into renewable energy at our Swiss biogas facility, making enough to power 250 local households. Additional plant waste is also used as a natural fertiliser for local farms, giving back to the environment what we take from it.

Did you know? All of our products come wrapped up in a 100% recyclable carton made from compostable hemp fibres.

Quality from plant to bottle: our product lifecycle

Experience the benefits of CBD

  1. 1500mg CBD Gummies (60 Pack)
    Easy, fruit tasting stress remedy that lasts longer
  2. 1500mg CBD Oil (5%)
    Pure high-strength CBD oil to help destress & unwind
  3. CBD Oil 200mg | 10ml
    Award-winning medium strength for everyday relaxation and relief

Complementary items from the balance range