5 house plants to aid sleep and relaxation – naturally

According to ancient Buddhist beliefs, the environment we create is a reflection of our mental state, but the opposite can also be true. So, now that we’re spending more time at home again, it’s essential to invest in our home spaces to ensure it’s a calming, soothing space for us to unwind.

In times of high tension, you might feel the need to reach for your CBD oil, but there are some other fantastic natural aids for stress management that can work alongside your everyday supplements so you can feel good in the space around you.

Here are 5 plants for stress you can invest in help soothe the mind and body for a better night’s sleep.

1. Jasmine: Best for a feel good mind

Pot of jasmine for aiding sleep & relaxationPot of jasmine for aiding sleep & relaxation

Studies indicate that the calming, sweet scent of jasmine (Gardenia jasminoides) can be therapeutic for anxious minds. It can also improve the quality of our sleep, leading to a more restful night's slumber so we can wake up feeling more energetic and refreshed, ready to tackle the day.

In fact, it's claimed that the intoxicating fragrance of jasmine can be as good as valium for calming the nervous system. In a study published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, scientists were examining the effects of specific scents on the body's receptors.

They found that jasmine with its soothing fragrance could boost one th GABA receptor (gamma-aminobutyric acid), responsible for regulating the nervous system - proving that this natural remedy can be just as effective (perhaps even more so) than artificial medicine such as antidepressants and sleeping pills. 

Tips: Keep your jasmine plant in a pot on the windowsill or in a place that gets enough sunlight and water regularly.

2. Lavender: Best for feel good mind & body 

Lavender plant on windowsillLavender plant on windowsill

It's no secret that the smell of lavender is one of the best relaxation aids; we've been using it for centuries. The key ingredient in many essential oils, inhaling lavender with its relaxing effect on the nervous system is proven to lower heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels for achieving and maintaining deeper sleep.

Further research has shown that lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) used in baby’s bath oils could help them achieve a deeper sleep and surprisingly also acted as a stress reliever for parents. 

Tips: Lavender plants like plenty of sunshine so keep it on a sunny and warm windowsill and water sparingly. For the effects of lavender's soothing properties, try our CBD muscle balm with this key ingredient for cooling and calming skin and muscles. 

3. Snake Plant: Best for feel good air

Snake plant near the window for managing stressSnake plant near the window for managing stress

Also known as ‘Mother in Law’s Tongue’, the humble snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata 'Laurentii) is a natural air-purifier, converting carbon dioxide into oxygen at night and removing toxins from the air to help with sleep. 

Snake plants are easy to care for and great for the UK as they are tolerant of all levels of light and don’t need a lot of water. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance bedroom plant, snake plants just about look after themselves.

Tips: Keep your snake plant in your bedroom in a warm spot above 10 degrees Celsius. Water infrequently from the bottom of the pot. Keep out of reach of children and animals.

4. Peace Lily: Best for feel good breathing (NASA approved)

Like the snake plant, Peace Lilies (Spathiphyllum wallisii) are amazing air purifiers, removing toxins and even cleansing mould spores from the air. 

According to a study by NASA that examined the ability of 19 house plants to cleanse the environment around them, the peace lily can improve air quality by up to 60% as well as increase humidity in a room by up to 5% which allows for easier breathing while we sleep⁠.

The study proved that lilies can filter out a variety of chemicals from the air, including ammonia, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, toluene, and xylene - all of the chemicals that were tested in the study. 

Another great option for an easy-care bedroom plant, peace lilies are tolerant of low light-conditions and they’ll remind you when they need to be watered by drooping – about once a week and will bounce back after you've watered them.

Tips: Peace lilies love low light, but will flower in medium light. Water only when the leaves start drooping. Keep out of reach of children and animals.

5. Hemp plant: Best for a feel good sleep

Hemp plant for sleep and relaxationHemp plant for sleep and relaxation

Okay so it may not be a house plant in the similar vein to the four we've listed above, but it's still a fantastic plant for managing day to day stresses and sleepless nights

Hemp is the flowering plant that health hero ingredient CBD comes from - a natural herbal supplement used to aid sleep and relaxation - an estimated 1.3 million people use cannabidiol in the UK alone.

In this study involving 72 adults, 66.7% enjoyed an improved sleep after taking CBD oil while 79.2% noticed a reduction in anxiety (a common cause of sleeping problems such as insomnia). 

Tips: Try this award-winning Sleep Oil, winner of ‘Best Sleep Oil’ in the Hip and Healthy Sleep Awards 2020. 

The final word

So there you have it. There are plenty of excellent (and low maintenance) plants and sleep aids to keep in the home that will help purify the air around you for a better night's sleep. 

What are your favourite plants for stress and sleep management?

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