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H&H Group launch CBII in partnership with Bod Australia

Where nature meets science, Health and Happiness Group inspires wellness by bringing together seven powerful brands under one global company.

With a passion for wellness, H&H Group strives to become a global leader in advanced baby nutrition and care, and premium quality vitamins and supplements, which are the two-core businesses of the Group. Most importantly, H&H Group brings seven international brands together for the journey of making people healthier and happier throughout the course of their lives.

Our Brand Philosophy

  • Our mission to make people healthier and happier unites us.
  • We believe the secret to a happy life lies in a connection with wellness.
  • We aspire to bring the relationship between health and happiness closer together.
  • We are a global leader in advanced baby nutrition and care.
  • We are a global leader in premium quality vitamins and supplements.
  • Just as we nurture our families and friends, we believe in caring for our whole being.
  • We can create positive social impacts by sharing our principles of mindfulness, nutrition and movement.
  • We advocate healthier lifestyles so people can live better and do more.
  • We recognize our origins and remain true to our heritage while shaping the future for generational wellness.

In July 2019 H&H Group partnered with Bod Australia to revolutionise the consumer CBD market and launch CBII

Laetitia Garnier, Executive Director and CEO of H&H Group said: “We are excited to take this step with Bod Australia and to be investing in this high-growth industry, where there is a clear commitment and ambition to be world-leading in industry development.”

“Our new partner Bod is leading the way with clinical trials and innovation programs, and together we are well-positioned to grow and to further commercialise Bod’s CBD products in different global markets. This agreement marks the first time that H&H Group will utilise CBD and hemp ingredients in their products, which comply with all local and applicable laws and regulations across relevant markets.”

“Additionally, this investment aligns with our sustainability journey and our desire to consider the environmental footprint of our business and operations. This unique industry is renewable, sustainable and clean which is important to us. “

Bod Australia 

Leading the way in the medicinal cannabis market since 2014

Bod Australia’s approach to research and product development has helped secure exclusive partnership with world-leading health and wellness company  owner of CBII.  Bod Australia oversees new product development, procurement, manufacturing and quality control of all CBII products.

By leading the way in research and development, Bod Australia’s mission is to innovate and transform the way we live and enjoy life through the delivery of premium, proven and trustworthy global products for both the consumer and healthcare professional.

Cannabis Innovation

Their medical cannabis innovations cover a wide range of products addressing the health needs of patients and consumers alike. Inspired from their ongoing research, clinical trials and partnership with CBII, they are building a suite of products across a range of indications within the healthcare industry.

Quality and consistency are integral foundations that are upheld in all aspects of Bod Australia’s business. Product extracts have been validated in clinical trial settings to ensure reliability and dependability.

Bod works with world-leading health and research institutions, including the renowned Lambert Initiative, University of Technology Sydney and the University of South Australia in an ongoing push to develop and define the future of medicinal cannabis.

They implement and establish first-class medicinal cannabis education programs and resources to empower all healthcare practitioners with the knowledge and confidence to prescribe and administer our medicinal cannabis products.

The vision at Bod is to become the world-leader in clinically proven CBD and hemp based healthcare and their mission is to develop, define and deliver the medicinal cannabis of the future. Bod Australia source and extract CBD oil from premium CBD producer, Linnea SA.

Linnea Natural Pharma Solutions

Introducing a path of discovery to tomorrow’s therapeutic solutions:

Committed to excellence, Linnea has been proudly producing the finest quality botanical extracts for more than three decades and performs  all hemp and CBD extractions for Bod Australia and CBII.

Based in Switzerland, Linnea’s mission is to improve the quality of life through cutting-edge natural solutions.  They offer pure, controlled, safe, standardised and tailor-made cannabis extracts with a reproducible profile to improve treatment quality as well as patient health.  They focus on quality, in every production step, from the seeds through to the extract.

Linnea SA run a completely eco-friendly seed to extraction process at their sustainable biogas facility where they use over 90% recycled or repurposed products. Linnea has low CO² emissions and uses over 90% recycled ethanol to extract CBII’s CBD using a patented extraction method that’s exclusive to H&H Group. Every day, Linnea develop and produce the finest cannabis and CBD extracts complying with the highest industry standards.

There are many ongoing clinical and preclinical studies focusing on cannabis and cannabinoids. Cannabis and its derivatives have a multi-level role in the organism, indicating the potential extent of a complex therapeutic scenario and representing an exciting target for disease management and health promotion.


Partnered together, CBII, Bod Australia and Linnea are the global innovators for health and wellness now and into the future. 


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