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Charlotte Dawson's CBD favourites

Try these to unwind the mind & get a restful night's sleep.

CBD curious? Try our CBD oil Starter Kit for 50% off

Our award-winning Discovery Duo is the perfect introduction to CBD oil. Try two best-seller strengths for 7 days and find the one that makes you feel good. Voted 'Best Sleep Oil' 2021

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"I tried the starter kit first and I was surprised how I instantly started to feel calm and sleep really well. I have a busy mummy life and I work full time and feel this oil keeps me grounded and calm."

Michelle, Trustpilot

Charlotte's choice: 500mg oil (strong)

Our highest strength full spectrum oil contains 50mg of CBD per mL. Perfect for those who find a more potent dose works best when it comes to encouraging a restful sleep and a feel-good sense of calm. Voted 'Best Sleep Product' 2021.

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"I’ve suffered from insomnia for over 30 years and although not uninterrupted I get 6-7 hours sleep a night now. I started with the starter pack to find out which one suited and now use the 5%. Brilliant, I will be reordering."

Ruth, Trustpilot

200mg full size oil

With 20mg of CBD per ml, our award-winning 2% medium strength oil is ideal for those looking to soothe mind and body. Place a few drops directly under your tongue any time of the day.

Was £39, now £27.30

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"I use the 2% oil mainly to help me relax, especially at night. I take 3 drops before bed and my sleep has improved so much! Occasionally I take a couple of drops in the morning if I feel anxious. I highly recommend it"

J Jackson, Trustpilot

Try our stress-busting flavoured CBD Gummies

Try our brand new stress-busting CBD gummies in four fruity flavours: raspberry, watermelon, tangerine and lemon. Packed with 25mg of feel-good CBD per gummy. 

Was £34, now £23.80

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"I thought I would give these a try to help with sleepless nights. Been taking them for a couple of weeks now and I have noticed I am feeling a bit more relaxed in the evenings and falling asleep much easier."

Kerry Jane

What is CBD?

CBII is a natural, botanical, full spectrum CBD oil that contains all of the naturally-occuring goodness of the hemp plant. Discover the benefits of incorporating CBD into a well-rounded wellness routine to help manage stress and unwind an anxious mind anytime you need or before bed for a more restful night's sleep.

How does it work?

Taking CBD is shown to work with the receptors in your body's endocannabinoid system. When these receptors are activated, they may contribute positively to your overall wellbeing due to their involvement in regulating pain, anxiety, sleep and mood. CBII CBD is non-psychoactive and independently tested for quality to keep you feeling good morning through night. 

Why choose CBII?

Our exclusive full spectrum extract is award-winning.  Extracted in Switzerland using a trademarked clean and sustainable ethanol extraction method, we can deliver it to you exactly as nature intended. Did you know? We recycle any unused plant matter into renewable energy at our Swiss biogas facility and use 100% recyclable cartons made from compostable hemp fibre.

Awarded 'Best Sleep Oil' 2020 and 2021

"Really impressed with the 7-day starter kit so I’ve just ordered the full size 2% bottle. I have trouble sleeping and am now sleeping so much better. I also feel calmer in myself and don’t get so worked up about things."

Dawn, Trustpilot

How do I take CBD oil?

Place the drops directly under your tongue, wait 30-60 seconds before swallowing for rapid relief. 

Will it get me high?

"CBD won’t get you high. THC is the compound that gets you high. CBD acts in a way that is opposite to THC, and some research suggests that CBD can even alleviate some of THC’s negative effects." - Dr Dilara Bahceci, CBII CBD expert in science and innovation.

Who can take CBD oil?

CBD oils are designed for anyone over the age of 18, except for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding as advised by the Food Standards Agency.

Is it legal?

CBII CBD oils are completely legal within the UK, and are considered food supplements by the Food Standards Agency.

Will this make me drowsy?

No, CBD is not a sedative so it will not make you feel tired or lethargic, but instead feel relaxed. 


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