Enjoy a restful night's sleep, unwind the mind, boost your focus or restore balance to your body. With CBII, feeling good is just a drop away. 

New to CBD? Try our Discovery Duo Starter kit for £19

Our Discovery Duo is the perfect introduction to CBD oil. Try two best-seller strengths for 7 days and find the strength that makes you feel good.

As used by Samantha Faiers, Emily Atack & Gemma Atkinson

"I was looking for something to help with stress, anxiety & sleep. I ordered the starter pack and I am so glad I found CBII CBD. Really good quality sleep, I'd go to bed no less than 8 hours but I was never fully rested, but these helped so much. I'm even less anxious around issues in my job, not going into tailspins over it, its helping with rational thoughts...thank you" 

Amanda, Trustpilot

What is CBD? 

CBII is a natural, botanical, full spectrum CBD oil from the hemp plant that many use as part of a self-care routine to help manage stress and soothe anxious minds before bed. Our award-winning oil is sourced and extracted in the purest, gentlest way possible and delivered to you exactly as nature intended. 

Will it get me high?

Unlike THC, the sister compound from the cannabis sativa plant, CBD is non-psychoactive so it won't get you high. It's also independently quality tested for peace of mind, so you can start feeling good – morning through night.

"I cautiously changed to CBII after reading some independent excellent reviews. I dipped my "toe in the water" and tried the 7 day trial. I noticed the benefits within a few days. I had previously weaned myself off another brand I was using for a while as I felt, although it claimed to be 3 times the strength of CBII's 500mg, my sleep was not as good. Plus I was getting allergic symptoms in the mornings. Since changing to Cbii the allergic symptoms have lessened. I really love the taste of this oil too. So, all in all, 5/5 it is!" 

Josette, Trustpilot


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