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Free CBD capsules trial pack benefits

1. Free 30-day supply of CBD capsules trial pack. No commitment required

2. Contains a mild dose of CBD and added vitamin C, turmeric & black pepper oil

3. Independently tested for purity, quality and potency

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"I ordered the CBII Move capsules with Vitamin C, Turmeric and Black Pepper Oil as it says it supports the immune system which I need. I can feel the difference often just over a week can’t rate these enough."

CBD capsule trial pack FAQs

What is CBD and is it safe? 

CBII CBD is a natural, herbal full spectrum oil. Gently extracted from the hemp plant using a trademarked extraction to deliver a botanical oil exactly as nature intended. CBD is safe, non-addictive, non-intoxicating and it will not get you high. Read more. 

How does the giveaway work?

We're giving away 300 free CBD capsule trial packs for free to the first people to register. 

Simply fill in your details using the form above and we will email you a code to order your free CBD capsules worth £34. Just pay £3 postage. 

What's in the Move CBD Capsules?

Perfect for those new to CBD, the CBII Move CBD capsules contain a mild dose of full spectrum CBD which means they contain all the natural plant matter from the hemp plant for a high-quality oil delivered exactly as nature intended. We don't remove the good stuff!

Our Move Capsules also contain Vitamin C, Turmeric and Black Pepper Oil to boost energy and support collagen formation for healthy bones, muscles and the immune system. 

Why should I trust CBII CBD?

CBII is a natural botanical full spectrum oil, extracted in Switzerland in the purest, gentlest way possible. Our CBD capsules trial packs are independently tested for peace of mind, so you can start feeling good – morning through night. Read more.

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