CBII Quality

Every drop of CBII full spectrum CBD oil is developed under stringent quality conditions in exclusive partnership with Swiss producer, Linnea SA to deliver consistency and peace of mind. 

Read more about our trademarked extraction method and testing process that guarantees our premium quality full spectrum extract.

CBII CBD Oils Quality

“It’s feeling in a balanced mood. It’s your body doing what you want it to do. You don’t ache when you get up in the morning, you’ve got energy. All these things are about balance, and that’s what CBD is about.” 

Mary Biles - Leading European-based medical cannabis writer                   

Our exclusive partnerships

At CBII, we believe in putting people and planet first. Quality is imperative. That's why we’ve partnered with Bod Australia, a cannabis-focused healthcare company who are working with leading university and institutions to research medicinal cannabis.

Through this exclusive partnership, we have access to Swiss CBD producer Linnea SA. Having worked in botanical extraction for over 35 years, and CBD extraction since 2014, Linnea are industry experts which is why we chose them to produce our high-quality CBD extract.

Commitment to continuous research on cannabinoids and clinical applications, standardisation, quality certification, and pharmaceutical experience are the top priorities to ensure a safe and superior product every time. 

Our patented extraction process

Unlike many CBD brands that use supercritical CO² to extract their CBD from hemp or Cannabis sativa L., CBII CBD products are created using a trademarked gentle, clean and sustainable ethanol extraction method that recycles over 90% of the ethanol used in the process.

Our manufacturing partner Linnea’s eco-friendly manufacturing process also allows us to keep the plant matter intact for a full spectrum extract that’s closer to nature.

Using this trademarked extraction process (one that’s exclusive to Health & Happiness Group) we’ve created a standardised and reproducible extract known as LINNEA315CSE™ - a full spectrum extract of CBD that is consistent from batch to batch.

Using this trademarked extraction method means we have an exclusive system that allows us to control the entire formulation from plant to bottle. The result? A high-quality oil that’s as close to the natural plant as possible.

Our extensive quality testing 

Using proprietary technology, Linnea SA extracts our CBD according to European GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines giving a premium quality and non-GMO extract.

These systems of control and testing ensure a standardised and reproducible extract with the same consistent high-quality standards every time.

Each product receives a Certificate of Analysis from Linnea and we then go one step further by completing independent testing to further demonstrate the quality of our CBD products. The result? Clean and sustainable CBD products you can enjoy with confidence.

See our lab results for 100 mg, 200 mg and 500 mg.


What’s more, when Linnea SA completes our extraction, they recycle any of the plant matter they don’t use into renewable energy at their biogas facility in Switzerland. The energy is used to power local homes. Find out more about how we recycle and create our sustainable products and packaging.


CBII is crafted from legally grown, non-GMO hemp plants, nurtured using controlled farming techniques aligned to GACP (Good Agricultural and Cultivation Practices). This closely monitored journey from extract to bottle ensures consistent quality you can rely on.

Our Credentials

Legally Sourced Hemp
GMO Free
Third Party Tested For CBD Content
Vegan CBD Oil
Full Spectrum CBD (<0.2% THC)
Recyclable Packaging

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