How we source

Part of what makes CBII so unique is that it's journey from extract to shelf is completely batch traceable, ensuring consistent high quality products you can rely on every time.

Cannabis L. Sativa Plant Linnea

When CBD is manufactured in the right way and it’s full spectrum, it can be brilliant.”

Poppy Jamie - Founder of wellbeing app “Happy Not Perfect"                  

Legally grown

CBII is sourced from legally grown hemp plants in the European Union.


Grown without genetic modification, every CBII product contains CBD oil of a quality and reliability you can trust. 

Constant testing

Every single batch of CBII undergoes continual quality testing throughout each stage of its creation to guarantee its stability and reliability, from the plant to the final product.

Our Credentials

Legally Sourced Hemp
GMO Free
Third Party Tested For CBD Content
Vegan CBD Oil
Full Spectrum CBD (<0.2% THC)
Recyclable Packaging

CBII Products


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